Very Good Ventures raises $3m Series A funding to further scale rapidly growing flutter practice

Very Good Ventures raises $3m Series A funding to further scale rapidly growing flutter practice

Published: 17-05-2022 14:28:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 443 | Tags:

Very Good Ventures, the Flutter app development consultancy, announced a $3 million in Series A funding from Celesta Capital to help drive rapid growth, make key hires, and expand the quality of the Flutter development ecosystem. Founded in 2018, Very Good Ventures is already cash flow positive, growing revenues 235 percent during the past two years.

Flutter is an open source UI toolkit from Google. Flutter enables developers to build apps for multiple platforms all at once from a single codebase – a significant advantage over legacy approaches to native software development for iOS, Android, web, desktop, and embedded devices. Since its first release in 2017, Flutter has grown into the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers globally, now used by millions of developers with hundreds of thousands of apps launched.

David DeRemer, CEO and Founder, Very Good Ventures: "Our mission is to help companies improve the quality and scale of their software development by offering the best tools, standards, and teams. We believe in building software that is efficient, scalable, and long-lasting. Flutter is the best tool on the market today to achieve that goal – and we use our expertise to help any company succeed with Flutter. This capital will help our team continue to grow this expertise and contribute to the Flutter community, as well as to expand VGV into additional practice areas that will provide further value to our clients."

With a founding team that has worked with Flutter longer than anyone, Very Good Ventures provides unique levels of expertise to help major brands transition to Flutter rapidly, productively, and confidently. Very Good Ventures leaders created the first-ever commercial Flutter app for the global musical phenomenon Hamilton, in 2017, in addition to having built the first public Flutter apps for desktop and web. The success of the Hamilton mobile app led to the creation of Very Good Ventures, now partnering with companies including Google, Toyota, Betterment, and others to build scalable, high-performance, multi-platform apps in record time with Flutter.

Sam Moore, VP Architecture, Betterment: "Even with our talented team, converting two large, legacy codebases into a single codebase using a new technology was a challenging proposition. Working with VGV gave us the tools we needed to evaluate Flutter, migrate our app – through which we now support more than 500,000 Betterment Accounts – and transform our team in the process."

In working with Betterment, Very Good Ventures enabled a seamless partial migration of Betterment's native app and mobile codebase into Flutter. They implemented scalable best practices so the Betterment team could continue to easily and efficiently build and sustain development in Flutter.

Michael Marks, Founding Managing Partner, Celesta Capital: "Celesta is extremely excited to invest in Very Good Ventures. VGV encompasses a rare combination: a differentiated technology, a rapidly growing market, and a highly talented and passionate team. With a team offering the foremost expertise in this space and an already robust client roster, we believe VGV is poised for great success."