Ugandan agritech startup Inputi receives investment to boost inputs distribution

Ugandan agritech startup Inputi receives investment to boost inputs distribution

Published: 14-10-2022 12:41:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 551 | Tags:

Ugandan agritech startup Inputi announced it received an investment funding to boost inputs distribution across the country.

Food security remains a challenge in many parts of the world, especially as global supply chains break down and environmental imbalances leave lands barren. Inputi is improving the odds in its region with funding from Renew Capital, an impact investment firm growing small and medium-sized businesses in East Africa through its network of investors, Renew Capital Angels.

Inputi is an online marketplace, aggregator and distributor for farm inputs. Through versatile digital platforms, it delivers quality crop and livestock inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides to 1,000 rural agro shops, 20 dairy cooperatives and 12 meat cooperatives, sending them directly to buyers or to regional agro and vet shops at a fixed transportation cost. Inputi is projecting 50% growth in the coming year and, with the Renew Capital investment, it hopes to profile and aggregate input dealers, farmers and farmer groups to provide linkages in trade and to financial institutions and insurance firms.

David Lukwago, CEO, Inputi: “We cannot eliminate famine caused by climate change, but we can mitigate that by improving food distribution systems. The private sector plays a critical role in building efficient, effective and sustainable means to move food from one point to another point where the food is needed.”

JC Oelofse, Head of Shared Growth Services, Renew Capital: “We are excited about the end-to-end value chain connectivity solution for crop and livestock farmers that Inputi is building. This solution delivers agri inputs to the farmer at an affordable cost while providing farmer-centric training to create a thriving agricultural ecosystem sustainably.”