Uber set to acquire UK taxi software startup Autocab

Uber set to acquire UK taxi software startup Autocab

Published: 08-08-2020 14:27:24 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 5722 | Tags:

Uber has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire UK technology startup Autocab.

Autocab provides private hire and taxi operators with technology to run their business, including booking and dispatch software, and also connects them with trips through their iGo marketplace. 

Every month thousands of people open the Uber app in places the company doesn’t operate to try to get a trip. Through Autocab’s iGo marketplace, Uber will be able to connect these riders with local operators who choose to take their booking. In turn, operators should be able to expand their operations and offer more earnings opportunities to local drivers. Uber will also explore providing drivers with additional revenue opportunities related to its platform for other services, such as delivery.

Autocab’s mission has always been to encourage local private hire and taxi operators to transform their businesses, and their CEO believes Uber’s technology can help accelerate Autocab’s global ambition and the growth of their customers’ businesses. 

Post-acquisition, Autocab will remain independent with its own board focussed exclusively on providing technology to the taxi and private hire industry around the world.

Safa Alkateb, CEO, Autocab: “Autocab has been working with local operators across the world to provide the technology to make them more efficient and open up a marketplace to provide more trips. Working with Uber we can scale up our ambitions, providing hundreds of thousands of additional trips for our customers, and help cement the place of licenced operators in their local community.”

Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager, Northern & Eastern Europe, Uber: “Autocab has worked successfully with taxi and private hire operators around the world for more than thirty years and Uber has a lot to learn from their experience. We look forward to working with the Autocab team to help local operators grow and provide drivers with genuine earnings opportunities.”