Toronto-based multifamily proptech startup Yuhu launches in the US

Toronto-based multifamily proptech startup Yuhu launches in the US

Published: 25-06-2021 11:33:54 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2947 | Tags:

Toronto-based multifamily proptech startup Yuhu announced a market entrance into the U.S. operations technology marketplace, offering their unique co-innovative property management software solution to owners and managers across the United States.

Built with a Customer Relationship Experience priority, Yuhu innovation brings powerful features to reduce the complexity, dependencies and spend in all aspects of multifamily resident lifecycle management. Yuhu makes it easy for owners and managers to connect, organize, automate, focus, transact, explore, expand and get more done.

Yuhu is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective end-to-end cloud-based platform dedicated to simplicity and an open API. With over 150,000 apartment units on the platform, apartment owners are weary and vocal of current legacy tech providers' expensive product limitations. Actively seeking a solution that is open, highly configurable and built to meet the changing fintech, martech and proptech demands and opportunities of property operations, multifamily owners are welcoming Yuhu and the refreshing clarity and entry for future-forward innovation.

Hugh Kolias, CEO and Founder, Yuhu: "Our solution was designed to be flexible and configurable to apartment managers that want to take more control of their individual operations solution. After five years of development and successful delivery in Canada, we feel we can quickly establish Yuhu as an operations solution that makes sense for today's built world."

Yuhu has chosen to establish its first office in Chicago, adding the lauded multifamily industry sales performer Dan McAteer as first U.S.-focused Account Executive. Dan has been applauded as a skilled advisor in multi-family solution sales for more than 10 years with and Assurant.