Tech startup KUDO launches live captioning for multilingual meetings

Tech startup KUDO launches live captioning for multilingual meetings

Published: 14-09-2021 16:23:01 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 719 | Tags:

KUDO Inc., the multilingual meeting SaaS company built around a B2B managed marketplace powered by the largest network of professional conference interpreters, announced the addition of live captioning to its list of platform features.

The new feature brings real-time AI-powered captioning in multiple languages to multilingual meetings powered by KUDO's powerful network of over 10,000 vetted professional interpreters. The feature is available today to select clients and will launch publicly in October. Live captioning, in addition to KUDO's drop-down menu of 100+ spoken and sign languages, brings KUDO one step closer to fulfilling its commitment to true equity and inclusion in the virtual meetings space. 

Fardad Zabetian, CEO and Co-founder, KUDO: "KUDO is committed to ensuring an engaging and inclusive multilingual experience for everyone. As the online meetings and events space has evolved this past year, it's become obvious that accessibility for the hearing impaired is something that's been missing. We're proud to serve this community first with support for 147 different sign languages and now with real-time multilingual captioning." 

KUDO Captioning supports participants of all kinds including those who are hearing impaired, those who prefer to augment the meeting experience with subtitles, as well as those who are visual learners. The feature enables participants of KUDO meetings to turn live captioning on and off in their preferred meeting language. To start, captioning is available in 10 languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese with additional languages to be added soon. 

Claudio Fantinuoli, Head of Innovation, KUDO: "User-centric is the word that best describes any effort on our part to increase accessibility and inclusion in live events. Our team diligently researched the technology behind captions and subtitles, and how they are best rendered and received. I want to draw from that research to further improve the user experience." 

With KUDO Captioning, KUDO clients now have access to a more comprehensive, inclusive, accessible, and flexible interpretation experience for all multilingual events and webinars. With future releases down the line, KUDO is committed to keeping all users in mind when developing new products and features, bringing ease to multilingual meetings, and ensuring that all participants have a voice.