Taiwanese tech startup Cubo Ai launches new sleep sensor pad to boost AI baby monitoring system

Taiwanese tech startup Cubo Ai launches new sleep sensor pad to boost AI baby monitoring system

Published: 02-08-2022 13:24:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2038 | Tags:

To further boost the safety of newborn babies as well as the peace of mind of parents, Taiwanese tech startup Cubo Ai has launched a new product to augment its award-winning Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor - the AI Sleep Sensor Pad. This new addition is designed to detect baby's breathing motion. The company will showcase its product at 2022 CES.

Cubo Ai is a startup supported by the Taiwan Tech Arena, a government backed project in collaboration with the Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) and The National Development Council (NDC).

Founded in 2017, Cubo Ai garnered international acclaim after it launched the AI Smart Baby Monitor in 2019. It's essentially a high-tech baby monitor that, through artificial intelligence, can detect whether a baby's mouth or nose is covered or if he or she has entered into a designated danger zone.  The system can then alert the parents through the accompanying smartphone app. Other features also include auto photo capture, ultra-HD night vision, temperature and humidity detection, and others. 

Now, Cubo Ai is boosting its capabilities with the new Sleep Sensor Pad, which has four separate motion sensors designed to detect a baby's breathing motion through micro-movements in the crib.  Aside from its ability to pair with AI technology, the pad itself is unobtrusive as it only needs to be placed under a mattress. When the Sleep Sensor Pad detects irregular breathing patterns, the camera AI chimes in to evaluate the severity of the situation. The system will provide timely and accurate alerts to the parents when necessary.      

Cubo Ai now offers both the AI Smart Baby Monitor and the Sleep Sensor Pad as part of the Sleep Safety Bundle, which provides a modern system that lessens the anxiety and worry of parents through proactive safety alerts.

Brian Lin, CEO, Cubo Ai: ''Sleep Safety Bundle satisfies parents' need for accuracy, safety, and comfort to stand at the frontline of baby's safety. Gone are the days when parents had to make compromises between the three. Now, they can have it all.''

The key success of the products, according to Cubo Ai, is being able to warn parents about problems before they become serious. 

Joanna Lin, Co-founder and CMO, Cubo Ai: ''Cubo Ai creates empathetic technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations, empowering parents to spend less time worrying and more time exploring their new roles and focusing on building a home best for their children.''