Taiwanese social CRM startup GoSky AI completes undisclosed seed funding round

Taiwanese social CRM startup GoSky AI completes undisclosed seed funding round

Published: 10-06-2022 11:23:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2522 | Tags:

Taipei-based social CRM startup GoSky AI announced the completion of an undisclosed seed funding round led by 500 Global venture capital firm. Investors in this round also include the Co-founder & CEO of ThunderCore, Chris Wang, as well as Xchange Taiwan. With the funding in hand, GoSky AI will continue to promote product innovation while expanding internationally.

GoSky AI was founded in 2018. It started from Taiwan and has established footprints in CanadaThailand and Vietnam. By using GoSky AI's social CRM, brands are able to convert their social media followers on Facebook and Instagram into members in just 3 seconds; same as developing brands' own app on fan pages.

According to Forbes magazine, over 90% of people prefer not to download mobile apps, providing evidence that apps are no longer the best channel for brands to manage their members. As reported by global IT research and consulting firm Gartner, 80% of brands would prefer to message customers on third-party platforms rather than Apps in the next three years. GoSky AI recommends a no coding social membership system that can be set up on social platforms in less than one hour through GoSky AI SaaS service. The social membership system not only replaces traditional Apps but also is the most lightweight digital marketing tool to convert social media traffic into sales. It provides brands with the most effective membership economic solution.

GoSky Social CRM draws on marketing technology (MarTech) and first-hand data to optimize business models for brands and effectively guides the whole process from social interaction to an in-depth relationship whereby brands convert social media followers into lifetime members.

Fash Chang, Co-founder and CEO, GoSky AI: ''Over the past few years, with GoSky Social CRM, we have achieved multiple important milestones in terms of facilitating digital transformation for corporate brands, helping them monetize social traffic, and providing them with a diverse range of complete MarTech solutions. Messenger delivers 3.5 times more business outcomes from communications for brands than SMS and 20 times more such outcomes than Email. It has become essential for corporate brands to accelerate the development of conversational commerce and the membership economy by building connections with consumers. As a next step, GoSky AI plans to further its international expansion strategy and continue to empower brands to connect with Web3 in tandem with fulfilling the deep commitment to existing markets, with the aim of building a new international roadmap. By leveraging data to create a positive impact on society, we help brands to optimize business decisions while explore new MarTech opportunities.''

According to Meta, more than 1 billion users communicate with companies via social messaging every week. Brands receive 2 times of conversational value and 5 times in profit. With specialization in food and beverage services, sports, new media, eCommerce, entertainment, retail and consumer goods industries, GoSky Social CRM has helped brands in these sectors raise their conversion rate to over 90%, with an average interaction cost of less than $0.014, saving brands' over 20 times budget. In 2021, GoSky AI in cooperation with its brand partners, tallied 11 million social users who interacted with brands amid several hundred million conversations. GoSky Social CRM initiates conversations with consumers via a chatbot and rapidly converts social media followers into paying customers through the proprietary Loyal CRM system while enhancing the lifetime value of existing users, helping brands expand their loyal member base and bolster the membership economy by creating a closed loop social ecosystem.

Many known brands have recently announced plans to add NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as one of their membership benefits. In response to the global trend towards NFTs, GoSky AI plans to further increase the benefits of the membership economy for brands by combining GoSky Social CRM with NFTs. Brand expects to strengthen members' loyalty, provide exclusive experiences and enhance member interactions. Furthermore, GoSky AI provides brands to create NFT utilities by offering exclusive points and member benefits. GoSky AI helps brands to connect with their members deeply, transform through Martech and connect with the Web3 era easily.

Chris Wang, Co-founder and CEO, ThunderCore: ''GoSky AI has potential to help brand, KOLs (key opinion leader), and professional sports teams to digitally transform to the Web 3 world by issuing NFTs and tokens to fans. Meanwhile, providing cryptocurrency wallet within Facebook Messenger without worrying about paying the Gas Fee or adopting new softwares would allow the general public to hold NFT easily. These technologies make Web3 popularized and provide better user experiences.''