T-Mobile accelerator startup Krikey brings NFT puppies to the Flow blockchain

T-Mobile accelerator startup Krikey brings NFT puppies to the Flow blockchain

Published: 12-08-2022 11:07:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4554 | Tags:

Krikey, a gaming studio with more than 5 million users, announced the launch of SolarPups on the Flow blockchain. Krikey is also a part of the T-Mobile XR Accelerator. SolarPups is a 3D, animated, interactive NFT game where fans can adopt, play, breed, collect and sell NFT puppies. The NFTs are available  at www.solarpups.com. The playtime and breeding features will launch August 22nd. 

The SolarPups game is a great experience for those new to web3. "Inspired by CryptoKitties and virtual pet games of our childhood, this game innovates on the future of play," said Ketaki Shriram, Chief Technology Officer at Krikey. By building on next-generation blockchain Flow–home to industry-leading NFT properties like NBA Top Shot–Krikey is giving SolarPups the right foundation for consumer-scale growth and adoption.

John Saw, Executive Vice President, Advanced and Emerging Technologies, T-Mobile: "T-Mobile is always seeking to push the boundaries of 5G and expand adoption of 5G networks. We are excited to support the SolarPups team as one of our current Accelerator cohort companies, working together with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces platform to power the next wave of 5G innovation."

In the first NFT mint, fans can adopt from a group of 1,500 NFT Shiba Inu puppies featuring unique traits including a hawaiian shirt, christmas sweater, sunglasses, tiaras, crowns and more! 

Dete Shirley, Co-founder, CryptoKitties and CTO, Dapper Labs: "I couldn't be more excited to see CryptoKitties inspiring new generations of NFT-based games and entertainment. The 3D, interactive elements of SolarPups will offer players interesting new game dimensions to explore–all made possible by building on Flow."