Swiss dental startup Odne closes $5.5m Series A1 financing to fund U.S. market launch

Swiss dental startup Odne closes $5.5m Series A1 financing to fund U.S. market launch

Published: 18-03-2024 09:28:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1836 | Tags:

Odne, a Swiss dental startup and upcoming innovator in endodontic treatments, has announced the closing of its Series A1 financing round raising $5.5 million to fund the upcoming US market launch. Odne's game-changing technology platform for Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) is expected to transform endodontics. The Odne RPT workflow introduces three new medical devices enabling minimal invasive root canal cleaning and light-cured obturation. 

The Series A1 round is led by Revere Partner (NY), an independent venture fund providing capital for cutting-edge innovations in oral and systemic health, and NV Capital (LIE), a family-owned venture capital boutique. Alongside the lead investors several other renowned funds such as Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), Plug&Play, Hatcher, Züricher Kantonalbank, as well as various family offices and angel investors are backing Odne`s US market launch.

Andreas Schmocker, CEO and Co-founder, Onde: "With over 15 million root canal treatments per year, the US is the biggest market worldwide and our number one focus. Currently, we are performing a Priority Access Program to deepen the use of our products with selected US key opinion leaders. At the annual meeting of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) in April, in Los Angeles, we will introduce the Odne RPT workflow solution to the endodontic community." 

Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner, Revere Partners: "Odne is within the core investment focus of Revere Partners: innovations in oral health. After receiving FDA clearance for Odne™Cure and Odne™Fill in 2023 the series A1 financing fuels Odne`s US market launch to the endodontic community. Together with all investors, Revere Partners is proud to elevate Odne`s RPT workflow for the benefit of patients, endodontists, and the referring general dentists."  

To serve the US endo specialist market, Odne has recently founded Odne Inc, USA. The team of Odne is evolving, incorporating experienced and well-connected dental experts, building training, service, marketing, and sales.