Swedish startup Voi steps up its safety game with next generation scooter

Swedish startup Voi steps up its safety game with next generation scooter

Published: 25-08-2020 15:07:30 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5622 | Tags:

Swedish startup Voi unveiled its safest ever scooter model - Voiager 4 - the world’s first sharing scooter with indicators, allowing riders to alert other road users when they are turning, proprietary IoT hardware, as well as GPS tech that enables scooters to be tracked to within one meter accuracy, in challenging urban environments. The new scooter will also include AI technology to predict maintenance and servicing, allowing Voi to keep more working scooters on the streets and give a better and safer rider experience.

Voiager 4 includes sensors that can detect when parking racks are nearby, allowing riders to easily park scooters and minimise street clutter, an NFC reader to allow people without a smartphone to unlock the scooter with a phone card or transport card thus making e scooter accessible to those customer segments who might not own a smartphone.

The scooter also has an environmental sensor that can track noise levels. Long-term exposure to noise has significant health impacts, such as chronic stress, chronic sleep disturbance and increasing risk of heart disease. Further, some of our scooters will be outfitted with particle sensors. These features enhance our already comprehensive city dashboards, which we share with cities, with noise and air pollution data on an unprecedented scale and detail level.

Fredrik Hjelm, CEO Voi Technology said: “At Voi safety is in our DNA and we constantly look for new ways to improve the e-scooting experience. With Voiager 4 we believe that we have taken safety to the next level. One concern for riders was the difficulty in indicating turning, we have now made this very easy with built in indicators. As we begin to launch our fleet in 12 UK cities, we are determined to lead the safety agenda for riders and all other road users and pedestrians. We will make Voi the most safe, sustainable and accessible scooter on the market and all of the new features support us in this ambition. One accident is one too many and we will continue to develop industry leading e scooters as well as collaborate with cities, traffic authorities, vulnerable groups and our users to make sure that our service and product is the safest on the street.”

Voi also celebrates one year of the world’s first ever endorsed e-scooter traffic school by updating it including modules around Corona and safety as well as making it available in eight languages and adapted to local traffic laws. To date almost half a million users have completed the online traffic test to learn safe riding and Voi has given away close to a million free rides to customers having completed the test.