Swedish startup QA.tech raises $1m pre-seed round to revolutionize software testing

Swedish startup QA.tech raises $1m pre-seed round to revolutionize software testing

Published: 26-09-2023 12:26:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3785 | Tags:

Swedish startup QA.tech has raised $1m in pre-seed funding round to revolutionize software testing. The investment round was led by byFounders and supported by angel investors Mikael Johnsson chairman in FunnelVilhelm von Ehrenheim Head of Motherbrain Intelligence at EQT Groupvigor sörman Founder Splay OnePetter Nyman former Co-founder and CTO Sambla and Magnus Isenberg Director at Modulai.

Software Quality Assurance (QA) testing has been a long-standing challenge for developers and testers and is traditionally done in one (or both) of two ways. Either it involves writing large amounts of E2E tests that often turn out to be flaky, failing randomly due to irrelevant changes (e.g. a button changing from “log in” to sign in”), requiring engineering hours to maintain. Or, testing is done manually by QA testers pre-release, meaning several hours of manually clicking through various user flows to find bugs. 

E2E testing is cheap in theory, but the strictness of testing with code makes it expensive in engineering hours. Manual testing keeps the human in the loop, allowing nuance and high accuracy in finding bugs and ignoring irrelevant changes — but it’s costly and tedious. AI promises to get the best of both worlds. By making sharp edges fuzzier, it can combine the low cost of E2E tests, with the robustness of manual testing.

Hundreds of thousands of people work as QA testers globally, and millions more do manual QA testing as part of their day-to-day jobs, including product managers, developers, and designers. Finding bugs in critical user flows is extremely important — a small UX issue in a payment flow can cost several percentage points of overall revenue by harming conversion. But it’s tedious to manually test each important flow after each release, so in practice, subtle bugs can often remain in production for days or weeks before they are found.

QA.tech is building an autonomous QA Engineer that can automatically figure out what to test, and manually test it, using AI. This has the potential to not only save millions of hours of tedious work but also to increase the overall quality of software that we use in our daily routines. Imagine being able to do instant automatic QA testing as part of a regular CI/CD pipeline at close to the same quality as a human manual QA tester — this is what shift-left testing looks like at its best. Developers are freed up to focus their attention on shipping code and QA testers can increase their productivity massively by leveraging QA.tech’s AI.

Magnus Hambleton, Investor, byFounders: ''This team has known and worked with each other for years, they know the problem and they know how to build. They are creating something magical.''

With the successful completion of this funding round, QA.tech will be expanding the team and partnering with a few beta customers to continue developing their AI. The funds will be utilized to expand the developer team and accelerate product development. QA.tech is already in discussions with about twenty customers interested in participating in the company's beta program.