[Startup interview] Washington Chipango, Founder, Power Life Energy, Zimbabwe

[Startup interview] Washington Chipango, Founder, Power Life Energy, Zimbabwe

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Power Life Energy is a renewable energy startup domiciled in Zimbabwe that is addressing energy poverty in the Southern African country by making power affordable and accessible to everyone while meeting the growing demand for clean energy. The startup’s CEO and founder Washington Chipango elaborates.

Introduce your company

Power Life Energy is an integrated electrical and renewable energy start up set up in 2016 in Zimbabwe and specializes in clean energy deployment.

We also focus on investment mobilization to attract the much needed capital investment in the renewable energy sector which will spur innovation and technological advancement and drive down prices. Power Life Energy develops and acquire renewable energy and electrical engineering solutions that reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels thereby creating a clean and sustainable environment on the planet.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Power Life Energy was started by Washington Tinashe Chipango.  He is a passionate entrepreneur with a unique business acumen and has been actively involved in various companies from the age of 20.He has led Power Life Energy into successful strategic partnerships.

As a philanthropist he founded Washington Philanthropic Foundation whose mission is to promote the wellbeing of humanity across Africa.

How is your company financed?

The major sources of finance for Power Life Energy are revenue, and investment from partners.

Why did you start Power Life Energy? What opportunities did you see?

In Africa, hundreds of millions of people live without any access to electricity, making them far more vulnerable to disease and other dangers.

This is not only the problem of making electricity available but also to have a reliable electricity grid because those who have access to electrify are not enjoying the full benefits because of our old electricity grid. This is why as Power Life Energy we are here to redefine the power sector in Africa.

What problem or problems does Power Life Energy solve?

As an integrated electrical and renewable energy firm we are integrating ideas and working closely with our manufacturing partners as to how best we can drive down the cost of power generation and electricity distribution equipment (e.g. photovoltaic PV and all electrical equipment needed to make sure electricity reaches the end user) through constant technological innovation.

Our main objective is to make power affordable and accessible to everyone at the same time meeting the African demand for clean energy. We look forward to creating a framework for a future-oriented, cleaner, sustainable energy system so as to benefit mankind with renewable energy and new efficient electricity equipment

"We understand that electricity drives business, then businesses will the create jobs and that's what we are here for." -Washington Chipango

What gives Power Life Energy the competitive edge?

We offer innovatively customized solutions according to the clients’ needs therefore making sure they enjoy real value of their investment.

Who are your customers?

We mainly deal with residentials, farmers, clinics and commercial buildings.

In your opinion what are the dynamics shaping the renewable energy sector?

Just the way children grow to become leaders of tomorrow, Africa's solar energy industry is in its baby stage and we are here to drive its growth.

With the cost of electricity rising yearly, the choice of energy has become an important business decision.

Our solutions are designed to assist businesses in managing their energy costs through structured investments in energy solutions.

Lately we have been seeing an appreciation in the use the renewable energy as it continues to prove to be a cheaper source. Even with the recent dip in oil prices, alternative energy still remains a preferred choice for many. Renewable energy industry remains one of the few industries that have a greater possibility of seeing growth in years to come.

What does your company need in order to grow?

We have a couple of projects that we are still fine tuning which need funding in order for us to grow exponentially.

What is your growth strategy?

With the right partners we are looking forward to powering the whole of Africa starting with the SADC region.

What are the ambitions of Power Life Energy?

We are looking at powering the entire Africa continent with clean energy

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

We are in the process of developing one of our long term investment project which will see us contributing to the government of Zimbabwe by reducing the burden of them to import electricity due to the power deficit in the country.



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