[Startup Interview] Xander Groesbeek, CEO, Rate My Meeting, The Netherlands

[Startup Interview] Xander Groesbeek, CEO, Rate My Meeting, The Netherlands

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Rate My Meeting is a Dutch startup that works with professionals and companies to improve meetings, their inclusivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction and in the process ensures less time and money are wasted.

Xander Groesbeek the CEO and Co-Founder describes how it all works.

Introduce your company

We help customers waste less time and money on meetings through feedback.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Rate my Meeting was founded by Xander Groesbeek and Wouter Sleyffers in 2019.

We met 9 years ago in our consultant job. We parted ways into corporates (Philips, Veon) and joined each other on our current mission.

How is your company financed?

Through boostrapping

What industry does your company operate in?

SaaS productivity tool

What would you say are the dynamics that have shaped the industry you are in?

Most productivity tools focus on a solution that people will have to have identified themselves. "I need better agenda's or minutes". These tools are like specialists in the hospital. Few companies focus on the diagnosis. What is going well? What is not? And only then look at a solution.

Why did you start your company? What opportunities did you see?

Meetings aren't taught in school, and once in your job little focus goes out to them. Unless you're a consultant, where leading meetings is what you're paid for. We saw this in our corporate jobs. And then felt: let's help educate the work force so less time and money is wasted on meetings. Let's lower meeting frustration.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

Lack in meeting expertise and the frustration from employees and managers that comes with it.

What are the USPS of your company?

We have learnt all about running good meetings as consultants. And then we got to apply and improve it in corporate settings. Not many startup teams have such solid backgrounds to the product they built.

Who are your customers?

Professionals looking to improve their skills, and companies looking to improve meeting effectiveness (for any of the mentioned reasons; better inclusivity, less frustration, less money wasted).

What does your company need in order to grow?

Brand awareness, traffic into the funnel. Both to allow for more user feedback and to drive the potential virality of the product. Both besides the opportunity to get funding.

What is your growth strategy?

Content marketing and social media engagement (unpaid) to acquire users. Drip campaigns and user interviews for activation.

What are the ambitions of your company?

We want to be the global meeting effectivity assessment tool to improve meetings, their inclusivity, their effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Find an angel or VC for funding and the best news drive the aggressiveness of our growth strategies.



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