[Startup Interview] Tatiana Da Encarnação, CEO, Imo Next, Angola

[Startup Interview] Tatiana Da Encarnação, CEO, Imo Next, Angola

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Imo Next is a real estate startup in Angola that is seeking to bridge the gap in property search and acquisition by providing a one stop digital shop for agents, advertisers, owners and customers. The founder and CEO Tatiana Da Encarnação had this to say.

Introduce your company

Imo Next is a real estate portal and application that has since 2019 when it was first launched allowed users to find properties across the country, both from professional advertisers like real estate agents and private advertisers, owners.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Imo Next was founded by me Tatiana Da Encarnação.

When I finished my Civil Engineering degree in Cuba and returned to my country, I decided to rent a house to live in, and the research process was a very bad experience. Then came the idea of creating a platform that would really help people to find real estate in a convenient and fast way, but also safe.

How is your company financed?

The company is financed by its own funds, but at the moment we are looking for investment for the expansion process.

What are, in your opinion, the dynamics of the real estate sector?

Despite the emergence of several state housing projects across the country, the centralities in Luanda are still insufficient to meet the demand of the real estate market. In this sense there is still a lot of demand and supply of real estate in the country

Why did you start Imo Next? What opportunities did you see?

For many people, embarking on the process to find that perfect house or apartment can be extremely stressful and time-consuming.

Having the luxury of a specialist app that helps to take the guess-work out of the task is one that is appealing to consumers in Angola. Tatiana and her co-founders at IMO NExT have developed an exciting app that takes the hard work and stress out of property hunting, and customers.

We have no doubt that customers will welcome this useful tool to make the whole experience a little less stressful and a whole lot more efficient.

What problem or problems does Imo Next solve?

Imo Next aims to provide a solution to a constant problem in the country and above all in Luanda - to find property in a convenient and timely manner.

What can Imo Next do that no other company can?

We always opt for transparency, and the ease of communication between the landlord and the tenant, in addition to keeping the information always up to date on the platform

Who are your customers?

Our customers are users who sell, rent or make real estate available on the market

What does Imo Next need in order to grow?

Right now we are working at making the app as widely available as possible including attracting foreign users through the tourism.

What is your growth strategy?

We want to concentrate first on customer acquisition.

We will be offering a month of free advertising for new users (real estate companies) with great ad capacity.

We also intend to sell advertising space on the platform.

What are the ambitions of your company going forward?

We are currently looking for partners and/or investors to launch the application for the Android and IOS system. After that, we want to reach 500.000 unique users in one year in Angola.




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