[Startup Interview] Sophie Tarif, Nina van Boxtel, Founders, BOETIEK, Netherlands

[Startup Interview] Sophie Tarif, Nina van Boxtel, Founders, BOETIEK, Netherlands

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BOETIEK, a Dutch startup, works with local boutiques and brands to increase audiences and increase online sales. The platform offers a wide range of products and services from latest fashion trends to new online boutiques and concept stores.

This, while giving customers a chance to to know sustainable brands and collections. Founders Sophie Tarif and Nina van Boxtel elaborate.

Tell us a bit about your startup

BOETIEK is the online marketplace for local shops and sustainable brands. BOETIEK, which translates to boutique in English, is the one-stop-shop for Shoppers to shop local online. It's a comparison website that connects 50+ brands onto one website- so that Shoppers don't have to click through lots of tabs!

With BOETIEK, we want to support consumers to #shoplocal, by aggregating products from boutiques, concept stores and emerging British brands onto one website. We're helping you find the perfect products online whilst supporting the local highstreet. We also recognise the impact that fashion, beauty and interior products have on the environment which is why we have highlighted brands that are kind to the planet and people. Whether it's supporting local brands, choosing environmentally friendly materials or buying pre-loved fashion, BOETIEK is a source of information, inspiration and exploration.

Who founded BOETIEK and what are their professional background?

Sophie Tarif  and Nina van Boxtel

Both of the founders have a background in affiliate marketing. Sophie was the Product Manager for an affiliate e-commerce platform in the Netherlands where she met Nina who was the Commercial Specialist. They have both worked in various roles within the affiliate industry; from account management to performance marketing.

How is BOETIEK financed?

The company has been bootstrapped and invested in by Angel investors.

Why did you start BOETIEK? What opportunities did you see?

We started this company during the pandemic. We quickly realised that multiple lockdowns were having a damaging affect on local retailers who were now forced to operate solely online. We wanted to support boutiques and independent retailers grow their online traffic and sales and broaden their audience by tapping into the affiliate industry.

What problem or problems does BOETIEK seek to solve?

Independent retailers who were not used to running their businesses online struggled throughout the pandemic. Our expertise is generating high quality traffic directly to web shops online- so that business owners can concentrate on running their business successfully.

What gives BOETIEK the competitive edge?

Affiliate marketing is an industry that big, international shops have known how to tap into for years- generating incremental sales through cashback and discount code websites.

We believe that this type of marketing would work just as well with small-medium brands who are looking for ways to grow their audience. Instead of focusing on discounting products, our platform provides an opportunity to partner with small brands so they can leverage their growth through ours.

Who are your customers?

Our target customers are modern shoppers who are thinking about the environment when they're making purchases online. We want to provide access to these independent brands to people outside the big cities in the Uk, Netherlands and Germany.

What does your company need in order to grow?

We are really interested in growing the number of local brands available through the platform- are you an independent brand in fashion, beauty or interior? Then it would be great to hear from you!

And of course, it's important that Shoppers are interested in supporting their local retailers. I think there has been a real change in shopping behaviour due to the pandemic and we hope this can continue to grow!

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

Our platform is focused on the local economy meaning that we will be concentrating on markets close to home- physically and culturally.

What are your plans in the coming 12 months?

We just launched the UK & German version of our platforms. Our focus now is to grow the portfolio of small-medium brands available through all 3 markets.



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