[Startup Interview] Myron Leskiv, CEO, Atama.AI, Netherlands

 [Startup Interview] Myron Leskiv, CEO, Atama.AI, Netherlands

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Atama A.I is a Netherlands startup that develops Artificial Intelligence-based trading algorithms for financial markets informed by years of research and development.

Using over 170 technical indicators and trained and back-tested millions of times, Atama.AI is able to predict where the markets will go and handle trading efficiently and accurately. Myron Leskiv, the startup’s Co-Founder and CEO Myron Leskiv explains the company’s model, the potential of profitable trading algorithms in the financial markets and the future plans.

Introduce your company

Atama.AI develops an AI based system that produces trading algorithms for financial markets that have been the result of years of r&d. using more than 170 technical indicators. Neural networks are trained and back-tested millions of times, Atama.ai produces algorithms and bots that predict where the market will go and can take day trading out of your hands with greater accuracy. So far, our AI has found algorithms that steadily return near 11 per cent per month, or roughly 322 per cent return per year.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

The startup was founded by Tim Stribos and Myron Leskiv.

Tim Stribos is a serial entrepreneur with experience in the startups world. Tim co-owned software development firm Moqod, and has helped successful startups like Learned.io, Shypple.com, Whoppah and more launch from the start.

Myron Stribos has been a researcher and data scientist at the University of Lviv. PhD.  He is the former founder of an educational startup.

Who are the owners of the company?

Founders, several developers, Rockstart

How is your company financed?

Own the money of founders and investors, pre-seed capital investment from Rockstart.

What would you say are the dynamics shaping the fintech industry?

Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the world. Without any doubt, AI is the future of the finance industry and the future of the world. The speed at which it is making progressive steps towards making the financial processes easier for all customers, will soon replace human work and provide faster and much more efficient solutions for all businesses.

Why did you start Atama.AI? What opportunities did you see?

AI is an emerging technology, AI trading even much more so. These fields have been in our interest for quite some time, and we decided to perform experiments and research. After 2 years of R&D, we stumbled upon something quite unique and valuable and decided to found a company to bring our research to market. Profitable trading algorithms have enormous potential.

What problem or problems does Atama.AI solve?

 Humans are unreliable in trading. They have emotions. AI has not. Besides, humans are bad at recognizing patterns, which is also something AI excels in. Basically we bring this opportunity of true AI in trading to the market which in the end democratizes high yield trading.

What gives Atama.AI the competitive edge?

We have a unique system that enables us to train new trading algorithms and run millions of trading simulations each day. Basically 70 per cent of the work is done through our platform, and each time we have to repeat a small part. Besides that, our proprietary Multi Deep Learning AI system is the result of years of research and is currently one of the front-runners in the industry. It is quicker, more reliable and produces better results than any other system out there yet.

Who are your customers?

Professionals who trade in a classic way and those who use algorithmic trading but would like to explore the possibilities that AI can bring. So basically any asset management firm; mutual funds, hedge funds, trading firms and others.

What does Atama.AI need in order to grow?

Access to the right partners and customers, talented staff, (trading) capital

What is your growth strategy?

We aim to find professional partners who value our platform and who we can work together with to employ trading capital in these algorithms and keep finding new winning algorithms in new markets. We will also put in more trading capital in some of the best performing algorithms so as to profit from our own product.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

Our goal is for our AI to become the biggest wealth management technology/data provider in the world. We aim at worldwide presence

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

We plan that our algorithms will be trading at least 50 million in capital. We plan to raise new capital to expand our growth even more. Our roadmap is to establish sales offices in New York and Singapore or Hongkong in order to effectively market our products. This, even as we build automated data pipelines for the customers and get 10 million in revenue from data providing.



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