[Startup Interview] Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO, Mediaspace.global, UK

[Startup Interview] Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO, Mediaspace.global, UK

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Startup Weekly talks with Kinga Incze, founder of Mediaspace.global, a new, independent social platform for media, marketing, tech, law, innovation and regulation company based in London, UK.

Please tell us a bit about your startup

Mediaspace.global is a London-based independent social platform for media, marketing, tech, law, innovation and regulation startup. The comany was founded on July 25, 2020.

Kindly tell us who are the founders of Mediaspace.global and what are their professional backgrounds?

Kinga Incze media expert founded the company with chairman Hamish Sandison gov-tech lawyer and Philip McCauley serial enterpreneur. The core team also consists of COO Szilvia Marton and Research Director Timea Nagy.

Briefly tell us, where do the founders of Mediaspace.global come from?

Kinga, Szilvia and Timea are media and research expert with 10-20 years experience eaxh in the media, media agency and consulting & product development areas.
Hamish is a UK-US tech, IP, govtech lawyer. Phil has been developing and selling businesses mostly in media and entertainment.

Who are the owners Mediaspace.global?  

The managing team are the owners of the company, with  Kinga Incze being the majority shareholder.


How is Mediaspace.global financed?

Our company is bootstrapped and angel funded.

What industry does Mediaspace.global operate in?  

Mediaspace.global operates in the media & govtech sectors.

What are the dynamics of the industry you work in?

It's strongly hit by the pandemic but digital platforms have increased their competitive advantages. Our platform, Mediaspace was ncepted before but born in the pandemic when social distancing rules make professionals network more in the digital space, which is an opportunity for us and the whole industry. However, fundraising and revenue generation is harder now. Please see some of our market analysis here.

Why did you start Mediaspace.global? What opportunities did you see?

We started to build Mediaspace.global in Jan 2020 because the media industry has been challenged by tech innovation, outdated regulation - and also by living in our professional bubbles that makes collaboration hard.  We wanted to create a professional global platform that breaks information bubbles, supports global networking, collaboration and discussion on individual professional, company and industry level, too, by inviting all all media, marketing, tech, regulation and innovation professionals working in the mediaspace to one central platform.

Now it's even more timely because in-person professional networking opportunities are limited, other social networks are crowded and mainly operated by gatekeepers, so this new platform brings a new wave of vertical social platforms, new rules and lots of advantages for high level and next gen decision makers to create a sustainable media world based on fair business rules.

What problem or problems does Mediaspace.global solve?

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation & global challenges in the media space, further challenged by social distancing.

What can Mediaspace.global do that no other company can?

1) Meaningful connections: Connect with professionals all over the world from media-marketing-tech-regulation-innovation.
2) Breaking information and network bubbles by our open feed, interdisciplinary events, news, reports
3) Finding potential prospects and collaborators in a truly global market.
Selling your professional services via Mediaspace to build a new revenue stream.
Find your next job, investment, investor at Mediaspace.global.

Who are your customers?

Media and online platform companies, marketers, agencies, media, competition, data privacy regulators, students and academics.

What does Mediaspace.global need in order to grow?

Growth & membership builders & online and social marketers, meaning fundung.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Partnerships, collaborations - We’re thrilled to announce that Dagmara Szulce, global Managing Director for the International Advertising Association and Kinga Incze, Founder and CEO of Mediaspace.global formed a strategic alliance on a Zoom call on the 16 Sept 2020. The partnership begins with the global IAA conference, Creativity4Better on the 27-28 October 2020.

This partnership brings both parties a greater influence to help tackle the global crisis and industry challenges by the power of brands, communication, professional networking, collaboration and innovation. More information is found here.

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