[Startup Interview] Jose Dalappan, CEO, Costral Corporate Strategic Lab, India

[Startup Interview] Jose Dalappan, CEO, Costral Corporate Strategic Lab, India

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Costral Corporate Strategic Lab is an India-based management consulting startup working with organizations in marketability of their product from market survey and other tools, branding and and business development. The company also assists businesses to re-vamp their business model therefore helping them to scale up. Costral CEO Jose Dalappan explains.

Introduce your company

Costral Corporate Strategic Lab is a management consulting firm located in Kochi, Kerala, India

Basically a Strategic Management group which successfully hand holds brands to establish, scale up business revenue, re-brand and re-establish their business strategies over the past eighteen months.

We aim to help organizations in identifying better branding and media strategy for brand recognition and brand visibility which in turn results in better business revenues. By redefining business development strategies organizations could scale up their revenues for better profitability.

Who are the founders?

Costral was formed by Mr. Jose Dalappan, an avid Sales and Marketing person with almost two decades of experience in various industrial segments in the capacity of various positions with his last role as an employee as the Head of Marketing for a big business conglomerate. The company was started with the capital from the founder himself Mr. Jose Dalappan.

What is the professional background of the founder?

Jose Dalappan is a Proactive, Marketing and business development strategist, offering a strong track record of over 20 years in high-paced international and domestic banks and financial institutions, Automotive segment, Retail Segment - Jewellery, IT etc and spearheaded functions as Head – Marketing with a leading private business conglomerate. Leverages keen analytical skills, insights and leadership to drive organizational objectives. Adept at working in high pressure environments in adherence to stringent deadlines and meeting multiple deliverable.

Jose holds a HR and Marketing MBA from Bharatiyar University Coimbatore with Psychology as Graduation. Received training's from Prestigious institutions like Boston, Cohen Brown and Meirc Middle East. Has been associated with top organisations like Mashreq Bank, First Gulf Bank, Kerala Automobiles, Josco Group and Chemmanur International to name. Prepared and handled projects like Itsuroffer.com an ecommerce platform and Tonico Cafe and Max Davice Brand of shirts for Veesix Garments etc

What industry does your company operate in?

We deliver professional services in terms of management strategies in branding, media, marketing, and business development among others.

Why did you start your company? What opportunities did you see?

Basically started this company by bringing in like-minded individuals who are experts in various fields with an intention of lending our support to organizations in all the key areas of management to maximize revenue and profit through various measures.

We are experienced in multifunctional roles across various levels and has been leading the corporate wagon wheel with reputed establishments. We had started our strategic consulting as a part time assignment and now the time has come for us to evolve as an organization and lend the support to various corporates in a cost effective way.

The opportunity was very vast with especially with lot of startup's coming in who has the technology but lack in branding and marketing. We aim to help the startup to scale up their business at the same time lend support to corporates in re-branding and re-strategizing their business.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

We help startups from scratch in a sense from marketability of their product by means of market survey and other tools, later then branding and marketing their product and also help in business development.

For Corporates we help them with a new product launch, media activities like TV Commercials and TV releases, Hoardings and other marketing activities, business development and so on.

We also help corporates in re-branding and re-vamping their business model thereby helping them to scale up their business.

What can your company do that no other company can?

Our company with consultants experienced in various industries impart business development strategy along with a clear marketing strategy where we hand hold them to achieve the targets.

Who are your customers?

We started off with the launch of a new TMT Bar company in our state. We literally hand held them from launching their product, branding it, marketing the same and helped them in business development by creating a sufficient amount of customer base for them.

Following this trend we got few more iron and steel clients for whom we did their marketing and branding.

In fact we launched in our state the TMT Bars( TI Macho) of a leading Indian company with a turnover of INR 369 Billion the Murugappa Group and also Steel tubes and Pipes of another business conglomerate in India.

We have also partnered with HR BPO's in imparting their employees training in Accent neutralisation and various other aspects.

We have been supporting NGO's in accessing the CSR funds from various corporates for their activities in community development.

We also have given our strategic expertise in launching coffee shops across the state as part of business diversification of a leading group in the state.

What are the dynamics of the industry you work in?

The interesting dynamics in strategy consulting is enabling each organization to think beyond the regular path therefore enabling them to achieve new levels before their competitors think of it. Making the management of an organization to think out of their regular wisdom and showcase the potential consequences of their decisions is also yet another dynamics of this industry. And most challenging is to develop recommendations that can be converted into implementable actions convincing the entire management.

What does your company need in order to grow?

We need more strategic partnerships and resources in terms of manpower and finance.

What is your growth strategy?

Our strategy is to associate with more clients and by giving them the quantifiable results get more clients through referrals.

What are the ambitions of your company?

We have already reached out to Middle East through a partnership with one of the Freezone there as well as our Education Consulting will be giving us presence in Canada, UK, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia etc and we have higher ambitions to explore African nations too along with other Asian countries.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

We are all set for the coming months. We will be establishing Costral Education Consultants with getting students enrolled to study in Canada, UK, MBBS in Georgia, Ukrain etc and also giving IELTS Coaching. We also have plans to expand our horizon in training and e-learning platforms. Another promising activity for the year is Agri startup consulting and Agri products diverse marketing opportunities.




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