[Startup Interview] Ganesh Verma, Founder, MoogleLabs, Canada

[Startup Interview] Ganesh Verma, Founder, MoogleLabs, Canada

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MoogleLabs is a Canadian startup that leverages emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain, DevOps, and Metaverse to come up with innovative solutions that help companies become more cost-effective, reduce turnaround time on the product, streamline operations, or develop client-side solutions to improve their experience while assisting them in moving along the sales funnel and creating better post-services solutions.

The startup’s CEO Ganesh Verma elaborates.

 Tell us a bit about your company

MoogleLabs is an IT solutions company dedicated to offering services related to currently emerging technologies, namely AI, ML, DevOps, Data Science, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and much more. Our tech enthusiasts and developers are dedicated to offering bespoke services per clients' needs for maximum output.

MoogleLabs, as a company, is the home to brilliant minds who think creatively to produce results that matter. The company motto, "Decoding Innovation," is what we live by, and our every service aims to help businesses reach that goal.

When was MoogleLabs founded?

MoogleLabs is a startup founded in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. During this period, the firm was at the conceptualization stage. In the next year, that is 2021, the three pioneers of the company worked on creating the processes for the organization. Finally, in the year 2022, our company launched officially.  It was under trying time, but our timing let us better prepare for the work-from-home scenarios.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Ganesh Verma is the founder of MoogleLabs. With around 25 years of experience in the IT field, while working for some of the biggest organizations in India and farsightedness, he has the skillset required to create and run an organization like MoogleLabs.

Mr. Verma was part of the IT industry for over 20 years and had worked his way up the corporate ladder to the position of CEO before deciding to start his venture. 

How is MoogleLabs financed?

MoogleLabs is part of the Seasia Group of Companies and our initial clients came from there. Since then, we have created a positive reputation in the market, and have become a profitable venture.

What are – in your opinion – the dynamics of the IT industry?

The IT industry is an ever-evolving field that revolves around the latest technology. Moreover, it is one industry where the changes occur as per the majority, by design. For instance, a development tool like Flutter becomes relevant because a massive number of developers find cross-platform suitable.

Overall, the industry is quite democratic, and as new technology gets introduced into the world, the IT industry is required to change to accommodate changes. Hence, MoogleLabs has taken steps to only focus on emerging technology.

It will allow us to stay ahead in the innovation race and help other organizations find solutions that remain relevant for longer.

Why did you MoogleLabs? What opportunities did you see?

Running my own company was one of my biggest dreams, and that was the primary reason to start the company. The reason for choosing emerging technologies as my niche mainly revolves around the fact that we needed to be different, offering something new, exciting, and better for the companies.

Currently, AI/ML, DevOps, Blockchain, Web 3.0, and other latest technology-based solutions are quite costly for small and medium-sized companies. But as they become the norm, there will be a need for more affordable AI solutions. I saw the opportunity to start a business related to the niche, as it is still an emerging technology. Of course, it is a challenging niche and not as well-established as some of the others available in the market, but the rewards are worth the effort. 

What problems does MoogleLabs solve?

We solve a range of problems for our clients. As I said before, we are problem solvers, which is what we do best. For the organization's primary focus, we create business solutions that help companies become more cost-effective, reduce turnaround time on the product, streamline operations, or develop client-side solutions to improve their experience while assisting them in moving along the sales funnel and creating better post-services solutions. 

What gives MoogleLabs the competitive edge?

MoogleLabs' strongest USP currently is the diverse range of technologies we can use to create bespoke solutions for our clients. We are innovators. Our team experts are nothing short of a strategy team, made to help innovate your processes for better results. You can outsource the innovation task in your business to us, and we will help you create the best solution that elevates every aspect of your operations while improving client satisfaction.

Who are your customers?  

MoogleLabs is happy to work with all kinds of organizations from various industries. The fact is that every business is moving towards automation. Hence, we aim to create an atmosphere where we help customers from all industries utilize the latest technologies and advancements to their benefit.

What does MoogleLabs need in order to grow?

We have a strong set of developers on the team, and our vertical heads are among the most skillful individuals you will find. So, on that front, we are good to go. Currently, we are working on getting more customers through our marketing efforts. They have been fruitful; that is all we really need to grow monetarily.

While financial independence of the company is essential, there are also other aspects that we consider.

MoogleLabs wants to grow holistically, so we are taking steps to create a favorable workplace environment for our employees, with enough opportunities to grow and succeed. We have introduced several schemes to help our team members create an ecosystem that facilitates growth.

What is your growth strategy?

Currently, we are following the market penetration growth strategy. As a startup, we are figuring out the various ways in the which we can bring value to our customers and create a name for ourselves.

What are the ambitions of your company?  

MoogleLabs is already serving clients worldwide. We have been relatively successful in getting business from USA, India, and Canada, and are looking forward to getting more clients from other nations. Right now, we are also working on getting clientele from Australia and New Zealand. Overall, we are happy to help clients from every country.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

In the next 12 months, we will primarily focus on two things, complete client satisfaction and improvements in our employees' skills. MoogleLabs is mainly thriving through the word-of-mouth of our satisfied customers. We aim to ensure that every new client who works with us becomes our brand promoter. Moreover, we want to create a more diverse team with exceptional skill sets, so we are focusing on providing the appropriate training to every team member to help them upgrade their skills.



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