[Startup Interview] Emmanuel Addo, CEO, EADfix, Ghana

[Startup Interview] Emmanuel Addo, CEO, EADfix, Ghana

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EADfix, a Ghana-based tech platform, connects customers with verified service providers across different industries as it seeks to meet the growing demand for convenience, reliability and speed.

The startup’s CEO and Founder Emmanuel Gyau Addo explains.

Introduce your company

EADfix is a service platform that connects verified service providers to customers, for the customer's daily needs. The company focuses on offering complete, easy, reliable and timely services.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

The company was founded by Emmanuel Gyau Addo. He was an educationist for the past 12 years teaching music in China, Nigeria, Ghana and in Dubai. He started EADfix Tech after COVID19 started affecting companies. So he decided to look at solutions that will help businesses still operate even in the pandemic. After a month of research, He realized that designing a Mobile App that will create a platform for businesses to connect with customers in the easiest way was the solution. So he got a team to start working on the app which they named EADfix

Why did you start EADfix? What opportunities did you see?

To connect more businesses to customers in the easiest form without any hustle. This App is the future of businesses. People these days find it hard to go to the market to buy products, or hair saloon to make their hair especially in this COVID19 era, people are comfortable ordering rather than going for the product themselves.

What problem or problems does EADfix solve?

It helps in crowd control, eases the stress of looking for a service provider, it is secure and safe to use because all service providers are verified. It is also fast and reliable.

What gives EADfix the competitive edge?

In the app, we have a map that directs you to the service provider and the customer making it easy for the two to connect. You get to call or chat to negotiate. The replies are instant.  You have the option to schedule for a service without going to the service provider and also easy to use anywhere even at home without going to the shop or office

Who are your customers?

Service providers (Repairers, Mechanics, Health Care, Waste Management, Delivery Service, Media and Marketing, Construction & Real Estate, Security & Telecommunications, Graphic & Web Design, Fashion, Cleaning Service, Events & Translation, Transportation, Computer Service, Food Service, Agriculture, Home Appliance & Furniture's, manufacturing & Wholesale, Children Service, Energy Service and many more.

What are, in your opinion, the dynamics of the tech industry?

EADfix App helps locate the nearest service provider close to you. It is easy, timely and reliable to use. You do not have to go the shop, market, or visit the company before you are served. You stay in your homes to request for the service and it will be rendered

What does your company need in order to grow?

We are looking for funding to expand our operations.

What is your growth strategy?

Marketing and expansion to other countries

Which markets are you looking at expanding to?

Africa, Europe and some parts of Asia

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Marketing of the app to meet the target of 150000 subscribers with a projected revenue of $300, 000



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