[Startup Interview] Dylan Pfeil, Co-Founder, Business Solutions Centre, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Dylan Pfeil, Co-Founder, Business Solutions Centre, South Africa

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Business Solutions Centre is a South African-based telecommunication startup that has embraced a business model of providing a one-stop shop for all digital needs of clients. The startup’s Co-founder Dylan Pfeil explains.

Tell us a bit about your startup

Business Solutions Centre is an Office Automation and technology-based power hub of young individuals that have changed the market from the old "box dropping" method of sales to a service model that is tailored for each client's needs and desires. It was founded in 2019.

Who founded Business Solutions Centre and what are their professional backgrounds.

The startup was founded by Dylan Graham Pfeil and Daniel Matt Pfeil.

Dylan has come from an IT background in Networking and Telecommunications for the past 15 years having worked at some of the largest companies in the industry. Daniel comes from the online Marketing industry and still heads an online digital company.

How is Business Solutions Centre financed?

We have self-financed the startup by starting from the ground up with what savings we had and slowly acquiring clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to grow the company to where it is today.

What would you say are the dynamics that are shaping the telecommunications industry?

The dynamics of the Telecommunications industry are growing so rapidly that staying at the forefront of the technology shift is not only a welcoming challenge - but - it's what drives us to constantly be the best at providing a service and product to the client that blows them away. Telecommunications and Data are evolving so fast - you can't help but learn new things every single day.

Why did you start Business Solutions Centre? What opportunities did you identify?

We saw the "old model" of selling PABX, CCTV, COPIERS & Internet services as "Box dropping" - essentially selling the client a product and moving on. We saw an opportunity where the client can rent the systems from us, own the equipment at the end of the term and provide the client with continued onsite and offsite remote support.

What problems does Business Solutions Centre seek to address?

We give clients the opportunity to move from the old Telkom copper infrastructure onto the more modern Fibre infrastructure that now handles your internet as well as telephone lines. We are a company that will facilitate all your communication needs - from the office staff, drivers, remotely working staff, bringing them all under one roof and making workflow more efficient.

What gives Business Solutions Centre the competitive edge?

We can provide each client with a complete, tailor-made solution for their daily operations where other companies only specialize in certain areas of OA. Our clients love this as they only need to call one company who supports them on everything digital.

Who forms your customer base?

Our clients range from the one-man-band businesses and startups looking to get connected to the SME's and large businesses looking to cut costs and get a more stable solution that is feature-rich, customizable and scalable.

What does Business Solutions Centre need in order to grow?

A capital injection for a well thought out marketing campaign to dramatically boost sales and monthly annuity.

What is your growth strategy?

At this point in time to continue on the sales drive we have which is working well for us and then to scale up sales with a targeted marketing strategy to increase revenue.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

We envision our company expanding into the major hubs and provinces of South Africa within a five year period

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

We are striving to get our client base up to 150 clients by the end of 2022 and to have opened a second branch in KZN.