[Startup Interview] Assim Gupta, CEO, Closeloop Technologies, USA

[Startup Interview] Assim Gupta, CEO, Closeloop Technologies, USA

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Closeloop Technologies is a US-based software product development company that helps businesses digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies backed by professional expertise and skills.  

Among the solutions it offers include website development, chatbots, ecommerce apps and mobile app development. The company’s CEO and founder Assim Gupta explains:

Tell us about your company

Closeloop Technologies is a decade-old technology company headquartered in California that empowers businesses on the digital front globally with groundbreaking software solutions, and mobile and web applications.

Besides helping industry giants and enterprises operate effectively, we help entrepreneurs scale their startups into corporations. Our service offerings include software development for enterprises, web and mobile app design, development, deployment and maintenance services, CRM and ERP development, eCommerce design development, and cloud solutions development with tools such as Kubernetes, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Who founded Closeloop Technologies and what are their professional backgrounds?

Assim Gupta  is the sole founder of the company.

Graduating in 1993, Assim holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree in Electronics and Computer Science, following which he pursued an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in International Marketing & Finance (1994-1996) and an Advanced Project Management Certificate from Stanford University.

Before founding Closeloop Technologies and a couple of more companies that were acquired by the industry's leaders, he worked as a software engineering professional and a product manager in companies such as Google, Essar, Microsoft, Facebook, SGI, Oracle, and VMWare.

What industry does Closeloop Technologies operate in?             

The company serves businesses hailing from different sectors, such as finance, recruitment, sports, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, lifestyle, retail, entertainment, transportation, food, and others, with the sole aim of streamlining business operations through software consulting and modern-day tech-enabled systems.

Why did you start Closeloop Technologies? what opportunities did you see?

I have always been a fervent supporter of entrepreneurship and have launched a few businesses in the past prior to Closeloop. I always wanted to make businesses function better, and with Closeloop, we're empowering businesses digitally all over the world with our expertly designed and developed software solutions and consulting services. We assist startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and big enterprises with their software engineering requirements, process automation, product innovation, and strategy to help them scale.

What problems does Closeloop Technologies solve?     

We are in the business of software and apps. We make business operations facile with avant-garde solutions, assist companies in launching their apps (for internal teams as well as for the general public), help enterprises solve business-critical problems with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc., and make businesses function in a more effective and efficient way possible.

What gives Closeloop Technologies the competitive edge?

We are a people-oriented company. Though we are promoters of technology solutions and encourage lesser human intervention for tasks that can be handled by machines, we like to offer people-connect wherever possible.

The highlights of our company that differentiate us from other companies in the domain include C-level Expertise and Consultation, Full Stack Innovation, and From Seed to Series A to Enterprise assistance.

Who are your customers?

We cater to a diverse range of industries, including finance, recruitment, sports, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, lifestyle, retail, entertainment, transportation, food, and more. We look forward to helping businesses of all sizes and types streamline their operations and upscaling business with advanced technology solutions.

What does Closeloop Technologies need in order to grow?

We currently see ourselves in a good space, with a talented group of developers, creative design and marketing brains, and a smart top-level management squad. We are strong on the talent front and finances, as we are a financially independent company, but there are other aspects we like to focus on from here on that include creating a cohesive working environment full of opportunities for employees, employing diversified people from across the globe for broader mindsets, and forming an ecosystem that encourages growth.

What is your growth strategy? 

We are presently following a customer-centric growth strategy wherein we are determined and focused on providing incredible amounts of value to our customers, be it through consulting, development of apps, software development, integration, or any other way.

Our prime goal at Closeloop is to provide the utmost customer satisfaction and spread the good word about the company's work approach, culture, and commitment to our clients. Word-of-mouth is the best strategy even in today's world, and we believe our past clients are the best promoters of the company.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

We are currently catering to the US market and other parts of the world like the UK, UAE, and Japan. In the future, our near-term goal is to acquire clients from European countries, for which our designated team is dedicatedly working to make it a reality soon. However, we are happy to serve clients from all over the world.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

As mentioned above, our prime goal is to satisfy our clients and provide them value that helps their business streamline operations and flourish like never before with consulting assistance and through modern-age technology solutions and tools. For the next 12 months, our primary objective remains the same while we plan to expand our service territory to Europe.

Besides client acquisition and customer satisfaction, we are focused on improving work culture, introducing better norms in favor of employees, and creating Closeloop, a company everyone wants to work for.



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