[Startup Interview] Anton Herbst, CEO, Vincula Holdings, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Anton Herbst, CEO, Vincula Holdings, South Africa

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Vincula Holdings, domiciled in Johannesburg South Africa, is a startup connecting employers, project sponsors, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers through a platform that also seeks to provide participants with worldwide and focused exposure to grow their market share.  It particularly introduces employers to competent contractors, rated by their industry peers while providing this same service to subcontractors, suppliers, and the like.

The startup has particularly captured the engineering, medicine, marketing, business, and law, mining and oil and gas industries with its offering. The CEO and Co-founder Anton Herbst explains.

Tell us about your company

Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd provides a focused directory where Employers, project sponsors, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can meet. We provide the platform to post tenders, issue contracts, get work and show off your skills (video's, photographs etc.) on your own site, amongst your peers. Better still you can rate and be rated by your peers. We provide you with the best possible platform to advertise and grow your company in your specific discipline, industry, and geographical areas.

We realized that, despite access to the Internet, most companies cannot reach reliable subcontractors, suppliers and the like. The result is that projects are completed late, penalties are imposed and the project owner does not issue contracts to your company any more. Similarly many suppliers exist that can supply goods at competitive rates, but the right people do not know about them

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

The founders are J Herbst, D Herbst, M Fourie and A Herbst.

The founders have long and extensive backgrounds and experience in engineering, medicine, marketing, business, law, mining and oil and gas industries.

How is Vincula Holdings financed?

Our company is financed by the founders.

What would you say are the dynamics shaping the industry you are in?

Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd understands the medicine, construction, mining, oil and gas industries intimately and understand the impact of the lack of exposure for the vast majority of role players in these industries.

What motivated you to start Vincula Holdings? What opportunities did you see?

Being involved in the construction, medicine, oil and gas and mining industries for many years, we have first-hand experience of subcontractors and suppliers going under mid-project and the dire consequences thereof.

Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd understands the importance of appointing the correct subcontractors and suppliers in these industries. We also understand the frustration of searching the Internet for replacement subcontractors and suppliers, especially in foreign countries. Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd has the elegant and all-encompassing solution, plus you will also have worldwide exposure in your industry.

What problem or problems does Vincula Holdings solve?

Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd solves the "who do I appoint" problem for employers in foreign countries as well as locally. We also solve the contractors, subcontractors and suppliers' problems of not being paid by the employers. All participants to our system have the opportunity to rate the companies you deal with. In addition all participants get worldwide, and focused exposure to grow their market share. With the new, post Covid economy nothing can be more important and Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd provides the best solutions.

What gives Vincula Holdings the competitive edge?

Our system provides a very powerful tool, website and system which our competitors do not provide. The website our subscribers use has specifically been developed for this unique method of advertising and expanding our clients' businesses and market share.

Who forms your clientele base?

Our clients include companies in the construction, oil and gas, mining, logistics and like industries.

What does Vincula Holdings need in order to grow?

Like all recent start-ups we need clients in order to grow. In order to support our growth we are running a special offer for a limited number of new clients for a limited time only.

What is your growth strategy?

Our growth strategy is based on personal service, providing the best platform for our clients to grow and expand their businesses and most importantly ploughing back into our communities.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

We are passionate about business wherever business can be done. We are particularly passionate about smaller businesses looking to grow, hence our extremely reasonable rates. Our drive is to become the "go to" company in our industry worldwide. Our belief is that we have the people, passion and provide the tools an services to achieve our goals.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Vincula Holdings (Pty) Ltd's plans for the next months is to further develop its tendering and contacting platforms amongst other.



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