South Korean tech startup Wayne Hills produces sci-fi film using generative AI

South Korean tech startup Wayne Hills produces sci-fi film using generative AI

Published: 20-07-2023 13:23:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1663 | Tags:

South Korean tech startup Wayne Hills Bryant A.I (subsequently named Wayne Hills), has kicked off producing sci-fi films using generative AI.

Wayne Hills recently released a trailer video for the movie 'AI New Cinema Movie' produced with generative AI through its official YouTube channel. "AI New Cinema Movie" is a drama-type omnibus film containing various stories on sci-fi fiction and Universe-related topics. From script writing to video, audio, image, and subtitle production, all processes were automated with AI. Three episodes, each lasting approximately 20 minutes, make up the series.

Previously, several attempts were made to produce videos using generative AI technology, however, this is the first time in Korea that a movie with a single story has been produced using AI technology alone. In particular, this production draws attention to its hyperreal human-like main character and the way in which it develops events like a regular movie, not a short animation. Aiden, the protagonist in the trailer, appears on his own spaceship in the video, narrating his own adventure.

In collaboration with a multiplex franchise, Wayne Hills is currently reviewing a rollout plan to play AI-generated films at multiplexes. 'Wayne Hills Matrix AI' will create AI-based content in a wide range of fields, including music videos, blockchains, and digital twins, along with movies.

Lee Soo-min(John), CEO, Wayne Hills: "Cinemas will be able to do more than just show movies if the domestic multiplex project can integrate video generation AI technology. With the business cases in the domestic market, we hope to lead the AI film industry through AI content globally."

Wayne Hills is an AI-powered video production startup that offers TTV (Text To Video), which automatically converts pasted text into video content. The company launched the app 'TTV AI' in May to expand into B2C customers and is currently preparing the global expansion.