South African delivery startup Picup introduces premium driver network for businesses

South African delivery startup Picup introduces premium driver network for businesses

Published: 29-06-2021 13:34:02 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1981 | Tags:

South Africa's crowdsource delivery tech startup Picup has introduced a premium service aimed at businesses that require drivers to represent their brand. Known as Picup Plus, the service has specifically been designed for business clients that require the delivery experience to align with their customer experience strategies.

The company says has become a model for innovation in the courier and logistics space, and is consistently predicting niches in the market and developing its software and driver framework to accommodate growing needs.  Picup Plus works on a strict selection basis when measuring driver performance. This comprises key factors like experience, track record, internal ratings and regular customer feedback.

These drivers already have a key understanding of how Picup works, their individual clients’ needs, as well as the company culture and current focus areas. They are groomed so that they understand everything about the brand so that they can present those values and processes when they interact with the customer.

Ashley Arendse, Head of Operations and HR, Picup: “The innovation did not stop when the country went into lockdown during the pandemic. In fact, it allowed the team to flesh out yet another layer of their manifold success, the Picup Plus driver model. We were inspired by customers who were looking for drivers to represent their brand and act as not only drivers, but brand ambassadors. While we need to maintain good level of supply and demand to the driver network, we need to ensure we are rewarding drivers that are going the extra mile and want to earn more.”

Picup’s sophisticated technology and AI modules have been developed in a way that promotes good behaviours and the willingness to work. Drivers with higher ratings will get preference on trips, which drives positive behaviour through the network. They will offer guaranteed trustworthiness, as well as a lasting positive impression on collection and delivery. 

Arendse says every Picup Plus driver will undergo extensive training through the Picup eLearning platform and attend virtual workshops. “Companies that are fully eCommerce generated have almost no face-to-face interaction with their customers, so a courier becomes the face of that brand during the last mile delivery process. Picup is also open to collaborating on custom driver branding. This means that drivers could have shirts and caps that reflect both Picup as well as the corporate identity of the company for which they are delivering,” he explains.

Picup Plus can now also introduce specialised offerings such as facilitating payments or ID verification on delivery. Picup Pay which will be launched shortly, it will allow credit card and Snapscan payments on delivery.

‘Picup Legend Network’ is a term that has become synonymous with Picup’s virtual driver culture, streamlined crowdsourced recruitment process and its strong focus on on-demand gratification.