Shakti Ventures dives into femtech sector to elevate women's health

Shakti Ventures dives into femtech sector to elevate women's health

Published: 11-10-2023 11:19:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2061 | Tags:

Shakti WPL Ventures (Shakti Ventures),  under the leadership of Sarah Koebel as Managing Partner, is on a mission to invest in revolutionary startups within the multi-billion dollar femtech industry. Committed to empowering women's health, Shakti Ventures is fully dedicated to investing in visionary founders, groundbreaking companies, and emerging technologies that better women's health.

Koebel brings a wealth of experience to this venture from her deeply rooted background in the startup ecosystem. With a history of founding companies, successfully raising capital for multiple startups, and interviewing countless founders, Koebel boasts over a decade immersed in the world of venture capital. Her extensive track record includes playing a pivotal role in dozens of venture investments.

Reflecting on her journey, Koebel highlights the invaluable experience gained, enabling her to confidently spot innovation. When her focus shifted towards femtech, she recognized an extraordinary opportunity often overlooked by traditional venture capitalists.

"The femtech industry isn't just an opportunity; it's a necessity. It's time we prioritize women's health and encourage open conversations about their well-being, from start to finish. The technological advances in the past few years alone have been groundbreaking. Shakti WPL Ventures is eager to invest in innovations that address health challenges uniquely or disproportionately faced by women, ensuring accessibility and empowering them to embrace these new products, services, and technologies throughout their health journey,'' she says.

In a world where discussions about female health can be challenging, Shakti Ventures aims to make this dialogue more inclusive. Their mission is to empower women and men alike, encouraging them to take charge of their health and wellness through revolutionary means.

One of Shakti's initial investments was Woo More Play, a female forward intimacy brand in the direct-to-consumer space on a mission to inspire everyone to feel confident and comfortable with themselves, as well as with their partner.

Koebel is excited to help foster an environment that encourages candid and open dialogues about women's health and wellness.  She is eager to promote greater comfort and education in discussing all related topics, and ultimately help create products and services that address the needs of this underserved market.