Santa Clara-based startup Refzee launches movie analytics platform for the film industry

Santa Clara-based startup Refzee launches movie analytics platform for the film industry

Published: 27-01-2021 07:48:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1016 | Tags:

Refzee, the Santa Clara-based startup announced a new movie analytics platform, aimed at giving the film industry the decisive metrics it needs.

Jesse Unick, CEO, Refzee: "The film industry bases its decisions on outdated, inaccurate metrics. The biggest of all of them? Box office numbers. Now that more and more customers watch their films on streaming platforms - and with the COVID pandemic halting movie theater ticket sales - the time to shift strategy is now, and that's what Refzee provides. With over 15,000 titles to browse - and more coming in everyday - Refzee will give the film industry the data it's been looking for, even if the industry hasn't even thought to look for it."

Refzee features a number of data points enabling film industry influencers to make the information-driven decisions they need, including a key metric called the Movie Influence Score. This quick, quantifiable scoring system helps producers and streaming platforms make better choices on what to produce, along with insight on choosing what films to stream from their backlogs.

Along with the Movie Influence Score, Refzee features a full library for browsing content and a built-in analytics program for even deeper insights; the platform also boasts a CSV export and an API to extract the data for an organization's internal data tools. A "Dashboard" option makes for easy tracking, distribution, and display of Refzee's insights, and the high-powered platform features search for both movie titles and a vast database of various subjects.

Additionally, the Refzee platform enables product placement tracking - monitoring thousands of brands across movies and television shows, with an ever growing collection.