[Research] San Francisco, London among most developed venture capital cities in the world

[Research] San Francisco, London among most developed venture capital cities in the world

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PitchBook, the premier data provider for the private and public equity markets has released The Global VC Ecosystem Dashboard that ranks the world’s top startup cities.

This dashboard leverages PitchBook data and PitchBook Institutional Research Group methodology to provide a consistently updated ranking system for the size, maturity, and growth rates of the VC ecosystem in leading cities around the world.

In the last few years, the challenging post pandemic environment has prompted LPs, GPs, and founders to think differently about where and what they are investing in. There has been a shift in how VC ecosystems are expanding to different regions around the world. Recent data revealed that while VC activity and exits remained low, the sector is sitting on over $300 billion in dry powder, proving major opportunities across many industries and cities.

Users can interact with the dashboard in a variety of ways. They can rank each city by selecting criteria like the development score, growth score, capital raised, deal count, exit value, exit count, fundraising value, and fundraising count. The dashboard shows that San Francisco is the most developed VC ecosystem in the world with a development score of 89.5 and New York is second with a development score of 76. By contrast, Houston is the least developed VC ecosystem on the list with a score of 34.1. The dashboard will be updated every six months and can be accessed at this link here.

Nalin Patel, Lead EMEA Private Capital Analyst, PitchBook: “The Global VC Ecosystem Dashboard will push founders, operators, and investors to consider which cities around the world are worth looking into. By having a dashboard that ranks cities based on several different factors, investors can think more critically about how location impacts different stages of the VC lifecycle. When looking at growth specifically, it will be helpful for investors to see which cities are up and coming.”

This dashboard uses a scoring system for development and growth by assessing the size, maturity and growth rates of a VC ecosystem using data from the PitchBook Platform. To read more about the methodology for this dashboard see the launch report here.

Key takeaways uncovered from the Global VC Ecosystem dashboard:

  • San Francisco is the most developed VC city in the world with a development score of 89.5 and $427.6 billion capital raised.
  • VC ecosystems in North America make up 46% of the six most developed VC regions in the world.
  • London is the only city in the European region among the top 10 most developed VC ecosystems with a 64 development score and $99 billion capital raised.
  • The top five cities with the highest growth score include four cities in Asia (Hefei, 86.5, Singapore, 74.8, Wuxi, 71.8, and Tokyo, 66.6) and one in Europe (Amsterdam, 68.7).


The full report can be accessed here



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