SAP.iO Fund invests in San Francisco based reference checking startup Crosschq

SAP.iO Fund invests in San Francisco based reference checking startup Crosschq

Published: 28-07-2020 14:08:25 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1385 | Tags:

SAP SE investment arm, SAP.iO Fund, has backed Crosschq, a San Francisco based company that provides a platform for creating and sharing candidate references.

Crosschq’s platform gathers candidate references by automatically reaching out for references and storing them, eliminating the need for repeated reference requests as candidates progress through their careers. This means the background check process becomes objective, while at the same time ensuring better coverage of a candidate’s past work experiences.

Crosschq’s approach reduces unconscious bias by standardizing the reference process, which is otherwise conducted by reaching out to personal networks and may be subject to biases. Crosschq encourages reference providers to be thoughtful, honest and transparent when providing references.

Ram Jambunathan, SAP senior vice president and managing director of SAP.iO. said: “SAP strongly believes that the future of work is inclusive and diverse, and that starts with removing biases in the candidate experience. Crosschq will bring increased objectivity and consistency to the candidate reference-checking process, thereby improving outcomes for both candidates and SAP customers.”

Founded in 2018, Crosschq is rapidly growing, and recently signed its 100th customer. Enterprises including Dish, the National Basketball Association, Upwork, Snowflake, NerdWallet and Glassdoor use Crosschq to enhance recruiting and make better hires.