Rev Ventures secures $1m in seed funding round

Rev Ventures secures $1m in seed funding round

Published: 04-03-2021 12:35:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5408 | Tags:

Rev Ventures Group, a technology driven performance marketing ecosystem, announced the completion of a $1 million seed round of funding led by KEY Investment Partners with participation from Phyto Partners. The capital will be used to grow Rev Ventures' management team, expand marketing efforts and develop its portfolio company RevOffers' proprietary Attribution Engine.

Rev Ventures helps companies transform their markets through the application of data, technology and analytics. The company's wholly-owned subsidiary and flagship company RevOffers is a performance and affiliate marketing company focused in the Health, Pet and Home verticals that connects brands with publishers looking to generate advertising revenue. After three years of bootstrapped growth under the co-founders Jason Brett (CEO) and Matthew Stein (CRO), the company has become a leader in the CBD affiliate marketing space, generating tens of millions of dollars a year in e-commerce sales for some of the leading brands in the industry.

Jason Brett, Co-founder and CEO, Rev Offers: "Marketing CBD and cannabis products direct-to-consumer online is an extremely challenging landscape with a saturation of brands and the inability to market products on most major advertising platforms. Our purpose is to create value through a performance-based advertising model to help companies cost-effectively expand their online presence and drive more sales," saWith this funding, we can enhance attribution to achieve significantly higher match rates than is seen with other currently available solutions, increasing trust and accuracy for our clients."

RevOffers' Attribution Engine enables its advertisers and affiliates to benefit from proper attribution across a multi-channel digital marketing landscape. The industry-leading proprietary tracking technology processes thousands of data points from the entire customer journey to attribute or award credit to a publisher in the RevOffers network. It is powered by an Identity Graph that allows RevOffers to maintain a high degree of accuracy and consistency for their publishers and advertisers and activate additional value for their advertisers as patterns emerge. The next generation of development for the Attribution Engine will focus on building technology for advertisers to manage performance partnerships across the digital landscape.

Tiby Erdely, Fonding Partner, KEY Investment Partners: "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Jason BrettMatthew Stein and their outstanding team at Rev Ventures. The Rev Ventures team brings decades of performance marketing experience to emerging industries and sectors which have historically been challenged from an advertising perspective. We see tremendous opportunity to work with Rev Ventures to help drive the expansion of their unique and differentiated offerings that will undoubtedly continue taking industries by storm." Tiby also joins Rev Ventures Board of Directors.

Larry Schnurmacher, Managing Partner, Phyto Partner: "Phyto is excited to add RevOffers to our ecosystem of investments. Cannabis related businesses, along with businesses in other industries, continue to be challenged by marketing and advertising roadblocks, and RevOffers solves this problem. We continue to see an enormous opportunity helping the emerging market leaders grow mindshare and market share. Advertising budgets are set to explode as well funded cannabis companies must spend marketing dollars to build market share or they will not survive."