RH Capital announces three new investments to improve women's heath

RH Capital announces three new investments to improve women's heath

Published: 03-06-2022 14:29:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1164 | Tags:

RH Capital, the women's health venture capital fund, announced three new investments to improve health outcomes for women in the US. Investing from its second fund that will hold its final close in June, RH Capital focuses on improving access, affordability, choice, and health outcomes for women in the US and beyond. Recent investments in Cayaba CareCirqle Biomedical, and Planera bring the fund's current portfolio to twelve companies.

Elizabeth Bailey, Managing Director, RH Capital: "With the impending SCOTUS decision to repeal Roev. Wade, there is even more urgency to ensure women have access to contraception and quality maternal health care. It has always been our position that reproductive and maternal care are essential health care. Now, the private sector - and startups in particular - will have an even greater role in ensuring health equity for women."

Led by Seae Ventures and Kapor Capital, RH Capital joined a $12 million Series A financing for Cayaba Care, which provides comprehensive and holistic maternity services to underserved communities, helping to address health inequities in the US for BIPOC and low-income populations.

RH Capital also invested in Cirqle Biomedical, a Danish-based company developing an effective, non-hormonal contraceptive that meets the needs of women looking to avoid the side effects of hormonal methods.

Frederik Petursson Madsen, CEO, Cirqle Biomedical: "We are thrilled to partner with RH Capital, with its deep domain expertise in contraceptive innovation and women's health. Their support will help us bring to market a new and needed contraceptive offering for women around the world," mentioned CEO.

RH Capital also closed an investment in Planera's $9.5 million Seed round, led by Valo Ventures. Planera is developing the first certified flushable and 100% biodegradable menstrual pad, addressing environmental concerns regarding microplastics, adhesives, and other chemicals which contribute to over three million tons of waste per year.

Stasia Obremskey, Managing Director, RH Capital: "RH Capital is proud to partner with Cayaba, Cirqle, Planera, and all of our portfolio companies that share our commitment to ushering in the next generation of innovations that will improve the health and wellbeing of women in the US."