Polish healthtech startup Infermedica raises $10.25m in Series A funding for global expansion

Polish healthtech startup Infermedica raises $10.25m in Series A funding for global expansion

Published: 06-08-2020 16:15:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5187 | Tags:

Polish healthtech startup Infermedica has raised $10.25 million in Series A funding with participation from existing investors Karma Ventures, Inovo Venture Partners, and DreamIT Ventures, as well as two new co-lead investors, EBRD and heal capital. The new funds will help Infermedica grow into the next stage of its evolution focused on developing robust AI-based clinical decision support solutions for both patients and doctors.

Infermedica is a team of over 100 medical doctors, software engineers, and data scientists who are passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence in preliminary medical diagnosis. The company strives to not only deliver exceptional solutions supporting future-oriented healthcare organizations, but also to build an influential company culture based on Transparency,Outstanding support and quality. This approach allows Infermedica to create unique solutions enabling safe development of modern health care organizations. At the same time, these three values shape an internal environment that powers the team.

As of today Infermedica solutions have been used over 6 million times in 17 language versions, which has been possible by clients and partners from over 50 world-class organizations such as Allianz Partners, Microsoft, Sana Kliniken, and Medis.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Infermedica decided to support healthcare systems overburdened by the pandemic with its COVID-19 Risk Assessment, a tool which was created in three weeks and has been used by almost 300 organizations around the world, including two national governments. 

Infermedica believes that in 5-10 years an FDA-approved chatbot combined with medical devices will be used to treat common health problems, significantly improving primary care physicians' everyday work, with the ultimate goal being to make primary care more accessible, accurate, and comfortable for everyone.

So far, Infermedica solutions have been focused on triaging patients and routing them to the most suitable point of care, thus saving time, unnecessary visits, and scarce clinical resources. As the next step on the path to the "Virtual GP", Infermedica is working on clinical decision support capabilities such as automating mundane documentation tasks to save physicians time and providing them with rich and structured insights. The company hopes that in some time, it will be smart enough to assist doctors in making the right decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment, and disease management, allowing every physician to perform at the top of their license.

This additional funding will enable Infermedica continue developing its technology and expanding its commercial operations, especially in the US and Germany.