Plug and Play, Suncor partner to accelerate sustainable energy, digital transformation

Plug and Play, Suncor partner to accelerate sustainable energy, digital transformation

Published: 01-06-2023 11:01:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1504 | Tags:

Plug and Play, a leading innovation platform, has announced a new relationship with Suncor, the first corporate to join the Plug and Play Sustainability program in Alberta, Canada. The relationship between both entities is designed to advance sustainable energy technology and adoption across the country.

Suncor will work closely with Plug and Play to identify industry-leading startups that are driving innovation in sustainable energy. Through this platform, Suncor will engage with startups and scaleups to solve industry challenges, drive efficiency improvements, and advance digital transformation.

Plug and Play's Sustainability innovation platform is a powerful tool for connecting the world's largest corporations with the most innovative startups. By bringing together game-changing ideas from different industries and countries, Plug and Play is empowering innovators to tackle some of the greatest environmental challenges that our society faces today. The platform was first launched in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2019, and it has since expanded to eight sustainability hubs worldwide. To date, the platform has accelerated over 160 startups, facilitated 220 pilot projects and proof of concepts, and deployed $150 million in capital, driving meaningful progress toward a more sustainable future.

Lindsay Smylie, Director, Plug and Play Alberta: "The energy industry's future is undergoing a remarkable transformation, which demands a novel approach to traditional processes. We are delighted to have Suncor join us to identify solutions that can help transform the industry."

Suncor has been an active participant in Plug and Play Alberta's sustainability startup accelerator program since 2022. With a deep commitment to innovation and sustainability, Suncor has been providing valuable guidance to participating startups, helping them to refine their technologies and scale their businesses.