PepsiCo announces eight food and beverage startups for Greenhouse Accelerator Program

PepsiCo announces eight food and beverage startups for Greenhouse Accelerator Program

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PepsiCo has announced the eight finalists chosen to participate in the second year of the Greenhouse Accelerator ProgramJuntos Crecemos (Together We Grow) Edition. This edition of Greenhouse Accelerator focuses on elevating high-potential consumer packaged food and beverage brands and products inspired by Hispanic flavors and culture that are better for people and the planet.

The eight finalists were assessed for their potential to introduce innovative products to the food and beverage industry, scalability and demonstrated commitment to quality, sustainability and community engagement. The emerging businesses chosen to participate in this year's cohort are from all across the country, including:

  • JAS - (Dallas, Texas) JAS crafts alcohol-free cocktails with adaptogens, botanicals and real ingredients. With expressions like the Paloma Libre infused with Ashwaganda and packed with vibrant, flavor functional benefits and a signature 'Mexican pink' hue, JAS embodies a "Be Bold, Be Free," lifestyle celebrating individuality and authenticity.
  • JaziLupini - (Rochester, New York) JaziLupini provides plant-based, gluten-free pasta, dedicated to satisfying cravings with its low-carb, protein-rich formula. Crafted from premium organic ingredients and inspired by the flavors and culinary techniques of Latin American cuisine, it's free from eggs, dairy, nuts, gluten and soy, and packed with functional nutrients for a nourishing meal option.
  • Mayawell - (Austin, Texas) Mayawell offers Mexican-inspired prebiotic sodas sweetened with organic agave and Active Agave™ inulin, serving as both a prebiotic and low-glycemic sweetener. With flavors like strawberry ginger with hibiscus and pineapple mango with turmeric, Mayawell provides a delicious and guilt-free refreshment.
  • Nemi - (Chicago, Illinois) Nemi Snacks offers delicious, crunchy sticks made with nopales, seeds and mercado-fresh spices. With five distinct flavors and whole food ingredients, these snacks elevate authentic Mexican flavors.
  • PAKTLI - (Cincinnati, Ohio) Paktli Foods crafts artisan super snacks with organic puffed amaranth, quinoa, millet, chocolates, dried fruits and nuts. Inspired by 16th-century Mexican alegrías, these snacks are organic and gluten-free, with vegan and soy-free options.
  • Pricklee - (New York, New York) Pricklee is a natural hydration beverage made from real prickly pear cactus, sourced from Mexico, packed with electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamin C. Its low-sugar formula uses 80% less irrigation than traditional crops, offering delicious and sustainable refreshment.
  • TOAST-IT - (Miami, Florida) TOAST-IT offers gluten-free, Latin American staples like arepas and pandebono bites made with authentic ingredients such as yuca root and baked plantains. Celebrating traditional flavors, their ready-to-toast products bring a taste of Latin American culture to the United States.
  • ¡Ya Oaxaca! - (Austin, Texas) ¡Ya Oaxaca! crafts artisanal mole sauces adobos and salsas with premium, natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan ingredients, capturing the essence of Oaxaca's gastronomic heritage while prioritizing quality, sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.


This edition of the Greenhouse Accelerator marks the second year of collaboration with the PepsiCo Ventures Group and PepsiCo Juntos Crecemos, part of pep+ (PepsiCo Positive's) transformation agenda, to make a positive impact on people and our planet by fostering innovation, creating economic opportunity and supporting local communities.

Esperanza Teasdale, VP and General Manager, PepsiCo: "As we embark on the second year of the Greenhouse Accelerator Program: Juntos Crecemos Edition, we're thrilled to witness the continued evolution of emerging businesses in the food and beverage industry. Building on the success of last year's program, where the businesses expanded distribution and accelerated revenue in just six months, we're committed to nurturing these eight new ventures toward sustainable success."

The program officially kicked off with a launch event at the Frito-Lay headquarters in Plano, Texas, where the eight finalists were introduced to their mentors – experts across research and development, supply chain, design and more – who will support them during this five-month accelerator program.

At the end of the five-month mentorship journey, each finalist will present the progress they've made, demonstrating how they've successfully implemented the learnings from their mentors to identify solutions to accelerate the growth of their business. The expert selection committee will then choose one of the eight finalists to receive an additional $100k to continue their forward progress.

Antonio Escalona, Senior VP, Emerging Business, PepsiCo: "We have such an exciting cohort of finalists this year representing a diverse range of food, flavors and cultures. With access to quality mentorship, resources and a platform designed for growth, this program not only supports the expansion of these innovative ventures but also brings forth products that meet consumers' evolving tastes for unique and dynamic offerings, driving forward both their success and industry innovation as a whole."

The Greenhouse Accelerator program, which initially launched in Europe in 2017, is now in its ninth cycle of fostering sustainable entrepreneurial growth.


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