Paris-based SaaS startup Zeliq closes $10m seed round to automate sales management, accelerate international growth

Paris-based SaaS startup Zeliq closes $10m seed round to automate sales management, accelerate international growth

Published: 11-06-2024 14:11:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 739 | Tags:

Zeliq, a Paris-based SaaS startup in the revenue workspace sector, has announced the successful closing of $10 million seed funding round, bringing the total funds raised in under a year to $15.4 million. Zeliq has also announced the official release of Version 1.0 of its platform, after a sucessful launch of the beta version on Product Hunt last November.

By combining vast databases with internal company data, Zeliq offers a powerful platform for virtual sales engagements, driving efficiency and business growth. Currently, 50% of Zeliq's customers are in France, with 25% in the US and the rest 25% is distributed across the world. The funds will be put towards scaling in the US and internationally through marketing, product development and hiring.

Despite being less than a year old, Zeliq has swiftly amassed over 2,000 users globally, without any marketing expenditure. This accelerated user acquisition, driven by its platform's powerful functionality, has garnered attention from more than 40 venture capital firms, solidifying its robust market standing. Zeliq users have demonstrated high engagement by performing a remarkable 1,000,000 actions within the platform over just a single month, validating its solution's effectiveness.

Dorian Ciavarella, Co-founder and CEO, Zeliq: ''Our objective is to become the predominant solution in the global revenue workspace market. This $10million funding round represents a significant milestone in achieving that goal. Currently, many businesses face inefficiencies and high costs stemming from utilizing multiple disparate tools for sales prospecting, outreach, team collaboration, deal management, and other revenue-related functions. Zeliq aims to resolve these challenges by offering a true all-in-one platform that consolidates these critical capabilities into a unified solution. Our vision is to provide a centralized workspace where an organization's entire revenue team, spanning sales, marketing, and operations, can seamlessly align and execute their strategies across the entire revenue cycle. Zeliq eliminates the need to juggle various logins, fragmented data sources, and disjointed workflows, enabling streamlined revenue operations at scale. We are poised to expand our product capabilities and market presence rapidly, especially targeting the US and other international markets. We position ourselves to build a product that caters to sales reps, but we now serve all revenue-related personas such as growth, sales operations, marketing, etc."


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