OSF partners with Indiana-based venture studio High Alpha Innovation advance startup ideas

OSF partners with Indiana-based venture studio High Alpha Innovation advance startup ideas

Published: 14-02-2022 09:59:20 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4388 | Tags:

OSF HealthCare announced it has chosen High Alpha Innovation, to help rapidly advance ideas from exploration to implementation or commercialization within and outside the health system.

Brent Cross, Director of Transformational Innovation & Commercialization at OSF Innovation: "We chose High Alpha Innovation because their approach allows us to benefit from the speed and learning agility of a startup, the knowledge and scale of a large organization, and the experience of a high-growth organization in creating companies. With High Alpha Innovation's venture studio playbook, we can launch new companies and products that can be scaled to meet the needs of OSF HealthCare and deliver value to the broader health care ecosystem."

High Alpha Innovation, an Indianapolis, Indiana-based venture studio, has years of experience in partnering to build startup companies around new software ideas and products. The partnership will speed development of new health tech companies with solutions that can help OSF HealthCare and other health care systems. The OSF Innovation Studio will collaborate with High Alpha Innovation on ideas that are endorsed by OSF HealthCare leaders as those that can transform health care by solving some of its most complex problems.

The OSF Innovation Studio already has 20 ideas in various stages of the development phase, including an app to help pre-surgical planning for patients with medical implants.

Matt Brady, Managing Director, High Alpha Innovation: "The OSF team is leading the charge to innovate in health care and ultimately creating value both community-wide and around the world. As we approach focus areas together, like talent scarcity, patient navigation, health care in the home and modernizing enterprise tools, we believe that a 'shark-tank' approach to building new companies allows us to optimize resources, explore new markets and pursue transformative ideas. By launching startups, OSF can drive the largest amount of value in the shortest amount of time."

High Alpha Innovation uses a 12-week ideation process, culminating in a Sprint Week, to select the best ideas to present to OSF leaders for investment to further develop and scale, ultimately gaining conviction to launch a startup that could also attract outside investors.