Moroccan Digital Development Agency, GrowIN Portugal launch initiative to support startups internationalization

Moroccan Digital Development Agency, GrowIN Portugal launch initiative to support startups internationalization

Published: 07-06-2021 14:18:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5289 | Tags:

The Moroccan Digital Development Agency (ADD) and GrowIN Portugal have launched an initiative to support Moroccan and Portuguese startups internationalization by signing a strategic agreement. This partnership will promote cooperation between the two organizations, emphasizing support in the expansion of the startups in their respective ecosystems.

To this end, both parties have agreed to:

  • Collaborate on the Planning & Launch of a Moroccan Portuguese Startup Competition;
  • Promote opportunities for developing innovation ecosystems in both countries;
  • Hold delegation trips and introductory meetings with ecosystem stakeholders in both countries;
  • Exchange information and know-how on the evolution of the Startup markets in both countries;
  • Collaborate on the development and launch of respective Ecosystems platforms.


Mohammed Drissi Melyani, General Director, ADD: "This initiative will provide the much-needed support for not just Moroccan and Portuguese startups, but startups from around the world. The pandemic has hit economies worldwide, and we are witnessing the increasing importance of digital transformation and the role startups can play to accelerate economic growth. By connecting our two ecosystems, ADD and GrowIN Portugal are providing a unique opportunity for innovative startups willing to expand internationally and empower the digital economy in both Morocco and Portugal."

Anas El Arras, Chief Executive Officer, GrowIN Portugal: "Plenty of Portuguese startups need to expand to new markets to sustain their growth now more than ever before. Therefore, we are delighted to be collaborating with ADD on enabling startups from both countries. Morocco and Portugal have plenty of similarities and attractive innovation ecosystems with funding support, highly skilled human resources, cutting-edge digital infrastructure, and plenty of growth opportunities. Moreover, Portugal could be the entry point for Moroccan startups to the EU Markets, and Morocco would allow Portuguese startups to expand into Africa. By joining hands with the ADD and building a bridge between both ecosystems, we can accelerate startups' growth and share valuable know-how."

Both parties have all the necessary conditions to cooperate on this initiative as they have identified the need for a fast-track internationalization process and consolidate their partnership to develop both of their startups ecosystems.

The agreement's signing follows an ADD delegation to Lisbon in November 2019 and two visits from GrowIN Portugal to Rabat in January 2021.