MoneyLion acquires creator network and content platform MALKA Media

MoneyLion acquires creator network and content platform MALKA Media

Published: 17-11-2021 16:51:52 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 964 | Tags:

MoneyLion Inc.  an award-winning, data-driven, digital financial platform, has acquired Malka Media Group LLC, a rapidly growing creator network and content platform.

The acquisition accelerates MoneyLion’s ability to engage with consumers across all digital and emerging channels, allowing MoneyLion to directly connect with communities natively inside and outside of its platform.

Dee Choubey, Co-Founder and CEO, MoneyLion: “This transaction is the evolution of a successful four-year partnership between Malka and MoneyLion. We have seen first-hand how Malka’s content capabilities can drive industry-leading customer acquisition and retention at scale. By combining their capabilities with MoneyLion’s financial products and extensive first party data, we will create a durable advantage that accelerates MoneyLion’s customer growth and helps us serve our mission of providing financial access and advice to hardworking Americans.”

We will expand our vision of a daily destination, which started with our own MoneyLife content, with personalized content that educates, informs, and supports consumers’ financial decision making. Through this acquisition, which we anticipate will be accretive and cash flow positive in 2022, we will now be able to fully leverage Malka’s capabilities so that the MoneyLion brand can truly live wherever our customers are investing their attention.”

Founded in 2012, Malka is a category leader and innovator in the fastest growing digital media and content sectors across entertainment, sports, gaming, live streaming, and brand storytelling. Malka’s 170 creatives work across every digital medium, from creative advertising campaigns and original branded content to e-gaming livestreams, podcast series, feature length documentaries, sports representation, and marketing.

Bill Davaris, CMO, MoneyLion: “With Malka’s creator network we no longer need to just go through gatekeepers and monopolistic intermediaries to directly communicate with our audience and communities. Investing in evergreen content and building a platform where creators and consumers can come together is a more efficient and smarter way to support our marketing investments and brand building. This fundamental shift will allow us to own and not rent the relationships we are cultivating with new and existing MoneyLion customers.”

Following the acquisition, Malka will continue to operate independently, with Malka Founder and CEO Louis Krubich and Co-Founder and President Jeff Frommer continuing to lead the day-to-day operations, alongside partners Pat Capra and Dan Fried.

Louis Krubich, Founder and CEO, Malka: “MoneyLion lives at the intersection of culture and money, and the team understands the power of engaging content and how it helps form powerful relationships with communities. This partnership will allow us to exponentially grow our creator network and engage with millions of more fans.”

Jeff Frommer, Co-Founder and President, Malka:  “We now have a game-changing advantage to combine creative storytelling and data-driven fintech to win new customers and offer even more to our existing relationships.”