Monetized social media startup fanbase to debut new short form video / music editor

Monetized social media startup fanbase to debut new short form video / music editor

Published: 24-06-2021 12:20:14 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2375 | Tags:

Fanbase, the subscription-based social platform that empowers any user to monetize their content, unveiled plans to roll out a new, short form video and music editor function in tandem with the formation and launch of its "The Future Of Fanbase" Creative Advisory Board to support development.

In response to the current Black TikTok creator strike coupled with disparities pervading the entire creator economy, Fanbase is calling on all creatives - especially Black creatives - to weigh in on the design of the new video function through the creation of its new advisory board. Through a safe space provided to these creators, many of whom experience inequities in the market, Fanbase hopes to further build out its platform tailored to the needs of creatives who are often left behind or not given credit or provided monetary compensation for their contributions to this ever-evolving and growing space.

Isaac Hayes III, Founder and CEO, Fanbase: "For the past year there has been consistent evidence by Black creators that their content is undervalued, appropriated and banned because of their skin color across all social media platforms. Black culture, creators and content are at the heart of pop culture. These creators who invent the dances or challenges that drive content on these platforms deserve to be paid and recognized as much as their counterparts - if not more. This is what we're about at Fanbase. As a Black-founded and led company, the core of our platform and its features are designed to facilitate an equal and profitable structure for all users, including young Black creators."

Fanbase is specifically designed to upend the monetization disparities in today's booming creator economy. Fanbase's latest platform advancements are rooted in three pillars: Fanbase content will include monetization for all users; visibility and engagement will not be regulated based on skin color and algorithms that throttle or ban by race and color will not be part of its design; and Fanbase is committed to constantly evolving to innovate - central to why the company is inviting the creator community to assist with this process.

Last week, Robert Dean III (@Robiiiworld), Co-founder of well-known Black Atlanta influencer house, Collab Crib partnered with Fanbase to launch the platform's #JuneBucks giveaway which grants one lucky participant $500 a day, every day, throughout the remainder of June. The giveaway further demonstrates Fanbase's ongoing commitment and dedication to building financial autonomy and wealth within the creator community.