Meeting Automation startup Chili Piper gets spicy with $33m from Tiger Global

Meeting Automation startup Chili Piper gets spicy with $33m from Tiger Global

Published: 21-04-2021 13:12:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1117 | Tags:

Chili Piper, the advanced routing and scheduling solution for revenue teams, announced it has raised a $33 million "Series Spicy" led by Tiger Global with participation from existing investors Base10 Partners and Gradient Ventures, Google's AI-focused venture capital fund. This brings the company's total financing to $54 million, mostly raised within the last nine months.

Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and Co-founder, Chili Piper: "We're excited to partner with Tiger Global, one of the most successful and prolific software investors in the world. With hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of reps using Chili Piper adding spice to their calendaring efforts daily, we thought, why not raise $33 million to ensure we up our Scoville game?"

The company plans to invest the capital raised in the Series Spicy to accelerate product development and address the increasing needs of customers across sales, marketing, and customer success.

John Curtius, Partner, Tiger Global: "When we met Nicolas and Alina, we were fired up by their product vision and focus on customer happiness. We realized with some extra capital, we could help the company reach ghost pepper status sooner rather than later. We're thrilled to back Chili Piper." 

TJ Nahigian, Managing Partner, Base10 Partners: "We originally invested in Chili Piper because we knew customers needed ways to add fire to how they connected with inbound leads. We've been absolutely blown away with the progress over the past year, 2020 has been a step-change for this company as business went remote!"

Alina Vandenberghe, CPO, and Co-founder, Chili Piper: "We're proud to have so many customers scheduling meetings and optimizing their calendars with Chili Piper's Instant Booker. We know some people can't handle how hot our platform is, but believe me, once you use software as pungent as this, you'll never go back."

Darian Shirazi, General Partner, Gradient Ventures: "There are various gradations of the Scoville scale. We're excited to see Chili Piper grow and reach the next level of scale. With this financing, the company has the resources to expand globally and bring meeting automation that is high performance, or as pepperists would say: high in capsaicin."