London-based startup TopTip plans to give half its shares to its users

London-based startup TopTip plans to give half its shares to its users

Published: 23-09-2020 13:12:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5776 | Tags:

London-based startup Useful Interruptions, owner of the TopTip recommendations app, announced the launch of its Founders Club programme that aims to give half the shares in the company to users of TopTip.

Launched in January, and available free on the App Store and Play Store, TopTip is showing impressive growth as a home-grown British social media champion, increasingly becoming the go-to site for recommendations about books, food, movies, travel and other popular interests. 

TopTip's unique advantage is its ability to connect users instantly to likeminded people to get the best personalized recommendations, wherever they are in the world. The TopTip Founders Club is unprecedented in scale, aiming to distribute half the shares in the company to the most active users on the app over the next twelve months. 

By giving shares in the company, the TopTip Founders Club offers users the opportunity to benefit from the potentially astronomical growth in value of a social network. Even smaller social networks such as Nextdoor and Quora are valued in the billions of dollars. 

The need for reliable, trustworthy recommendations such as those found on TopTip has never been higher. According to BrightLocal, 92% of people use online reviews, but 95% believe some of those reviews are fake. On average, consumers feel compelled to access no less than 10 different sources before they are confident enough to make a purchase. 

David Kausman, CEO and Co-founder of TopTip: "The idea for the Founders Club came to us during the lockdown. We wanted to reward the people who are the real secret of our success. With the pandemic, that seemed more important than ever. And we wanted to go big, to give people the chance to earn a life changing reward. Just imagine if Facebook had had a Founders Club when it started. The Founders Club reflects our partnership approach at TopTip. While the club will undoubtedly encourage people to use the app and make it grow even faster, we think it's right that the people who share our vision and help build our community have the opportunity to share in the value they help to build."

TopTip is a new recommendations app cofounded by London entrepreneurs David Kausman and Asdren Zhubi, and backed by chef and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi. TopTip enables people to get the perfect recommendation about anything they need by connecting them instantly with likeminded people anywhere in the world. Users can share in the growth of TopTip by membership of the Founders Club, which is giving half the shares in TopTip's parent company to users of the app. TopTip is available free to download on both iOS and Android platforms.