Liviri launches independent e-Grocer grant program

Liviri launches independent e-Grocer grant program

Published: 01-09-2023 11:14:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2750 | Tags:

Liviri is launching its first-ever e-Grocer grant program – an initiative that will award resources to an independent grocer. Liviri is committed to supporting grocers in driving operational excellence and optimizing supply chain management for the ever-evolving e-Grocery sector.

Ken Longval, General Manager, Liviri: "Liviri's primary focus is to innovate solutions for grocery delivery and pick-up processes that are efficient, cost-effective and advance the evolution of the industry. We understand that implementing and optimizing these programs can be a challenge for independent grocers and we are launching this program to provide support in taking their efforts to the next level."

Entry criteria for applicants include: Must be an independent grocer with three or fewer locations; must demonstrate an e-grocery delivery process that is already in place/in progress and must show a strong need to increase operational efficiency in the current process.

The total prize value is over $7,000, which includes:

  • $5,000 cash prize (intended to help cover costs to build up tech platforms, freezers, fridges, and training)
  • 12 Liviri Sprint50 Insulated Totes
  • Sprint50 Ice Packs and Dividers
  • 2 Picking Carts


Liviri Sprint is a line of durable, reusable totes that helps grocers and produce shippers with staging and delivery. High-performance insulation provides flexible options for chilled storage, keeping contents in the safe temp zone for 12+ hours and reducing the need for onsite and in-transit refrigeration. The products also help eliminate wasteful single-use packaging for a more sustainable last-mile solution.

Grocers can submit their application here by September 29, 2023.