Lectra joins Plug and Play open innovation ecosystem

Lectra joins Plug and Play open innovation ecosystem

Published: 14-09-2021 16:12:27 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 140 | Tags:

Major global player in the 4.0 Industry for the fashion, automotive, and furniture market, Lectra is joining the Brand & Retail program of the Plug and Play network, the world's leading innovation platform connecting startups, investors, and pioneering companies.

For Lectra, which designs industrial intelligence solutions - software, equipment, data and services - for brands, manufacturers and distributors, this merger is another step towards achieving its ambitions: to become a benchmark player in the 4.0 industry's markets, particularly fashion.

Among the mutually established goals, there is the encouragement of dialogue between startups and the brand, the emergence of innovative solutions, and also the development of a network of talents and mentors. Lectra will benefit from the ecosystem developed by Plug and Play Brand & Retail in France for more than three years, bringing together the best French and international startups specialised in retail.

Philippe Ribera, Innovation Director, Lectra: "We are excited and honoured to join the Plug and Play Brand & Retail program. This association reinforces our commitment towards open innovation, initiated in 2017 with the creation of the Lectra Innovation Lab. The accomplishments and pilot projects deployed, will be part of the co-creative actions initiated at the Innovation Lab. Being able to work with the most promising French and international startups and renowned companies is a great opportunity for Lectra. Our goal is to accelerate the emergence of disruptive innovations that will allow us to offer  an even higher value to our customers in the future."

Christian Kunz, Director, Plug and Play Brand & Retail France: "We are extremely honoured to welcome Lectra to our global innovation ecosystem. Lectra is one of the main global players involved in the production process and the digital acceleration of apparel and fashion. Plug and Play Brand & Retail has always strived to create the most comprehensive collaborative innovation ecosystem around the retail, fashion and brand industry, and Lectra will add a new and unique dimension to it. We are certain that their ideas and experience will be a huge contribution to our flourishing ecosystem. We look forward to working with them on new challenges while supporting their digital and innovation strategies."