Launch House announces $3 million in seed funding to create a community of founders and creators

Launch House announces $3 million in seed funding to create a community of founders and creators

Published: 25-08-2021 13:14:40 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 844 | Tags:

Launch House, the multidimensional social space for the next generation of creators and founders, has announced it has raised $3 million in Seed funding. Launch House brings together emerging leaders in the startup and entertainment worlds to live in illustrious mansions around the world.

Through in-person and online programs, individuals refine their skills, form lifelong relationships, and build category-defining startups as a cohesive community.

Michael Houck, co-founder, Launch House: “Launch House was born as a response to the isolation, and resulting lack of innovation, that many, including myself and my co-founders, were feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic. I knew from my experience at Airbnb and Uber that creating IRL spaces for collaboration leads to society-changing products.”

Following a viral social media moment and a successful proof-of-concept in Tulum, the team found a house in Beverly Hills where they have since run eight cohorts of their signature Residency, a four-week program designed to collaboratively solve the biggest challenges facing their businesses. Potential members must first pass a selective admission process, and once admitted, members live in the house for the program’s duration. In Season 2, the Residencies will be themed for an even more targeted approach. Post-residency, members have access to private events, future programs, and the Launch House social platform – a custom-built suite of tools bridging IRL with URL and connecting Launch House members for life.

Jacob Peters, co-founder, Launch House: “The environment is designed to create a serendipity that drives innovation and deep connection. Launch House is a collaborative springboard to unlock the potential that can only be achieved by combining creative, culture-pushing minds.”

Flybridge Capital Partners led the round and was joined by Day One Ventures and Graph Ventures, along with more than 100 angel investors including Balaji Srinivasan, Alexia Bonatsos, Mike Duboe, and 60 early Launch House community members.

With the funding, Launch House plans to double-down on its community with Season 2, which includes the expansion of the physical Residency program to cities around the globe and launching a Virtual Residency. Each Residency serves as an automatic onboarding to the Launch House community, where members get access to an exclusive social network, digital and physical events, homes to stay in around the world, and an array of services to scale.

Brett Goldstein, co-founder, Launch House: “The first iteration of Launch House in Tulum was composed largely of individuals who had only ever connected online. Our Virtual Residency is a natural next step for us. We're staying true to our roots while also making the experience accessible to incredible founders around the world.”

In the short time since it was established, Launch House has seen its community of founders raise capital from top VCs like a16z, Sequoia, and YC, launch viral products, and grow audiences with millions of users. Launch House Creators command audiences totaling over 100M.