Japanese startup SUN METALON raises $5.6m funding to democratize metal 3D manufacturing

Japanese startup SUN METALON raises $5.6m funding to democratize metal 3D manufacturing

Published: 25-10-2022 13:36:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 340 | Tags:

SUN METALON, a Japanese startup developing a metal 3D printer, announced the procurement of $5.6 million in its pre-series A funding round.

The funds were raised from new investor GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS & Co., along with existing investors UTEC (The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners), D4V (Design for Ventures), and Berkeley SkyDeck Fund (associated with the University of California, Berkeley). This new round of fundraising brings the total investment in SUN METALON to $7.7 million.

Kazuhiko Nishioka, CEO and Co-founder, SUN METALON: ''We would like to once again thank everyone involved in this large-scale seed round. It is very encouraging to have the support of investors with notable achievements and strengths in Japan, the U.S., and globally, as we target the global and all-space markets with technologies originating in Japan. By the collective efforts of all members, we will complete the test sales of the first model in October 2022 and the official release of the first model in early 2023 without delay. We also look forward to the participation of those who share our vision and are willing to take on the challenge with us.''

With its unique ultra-high-speed metal 3D printing technology - up to 500 times faster than the conventional machines originating in Japan, SUN METALON aims to create a world where metal products can be produced from local ores anywhere in the world. The company will expand its business globally to democratize metal 3D manufacturing, and contribute to the shift into the next age of industrialization.

Tatsuya Nakamura, Capitalist, Globis Capital Partners: ''Ever since I met with Mr. Nishioka last year, I have been excited by the scale of the project explained at every meeting and amazed by the speed and power of its realization. Japan has historically been strong in the area of production machinery, however, in metal 3D printers, the mainstay of next-generation manufacturing, the nation has lagged behind Europe and the U.S. SUN METALON shows potential to lead technological innovation globally and across industries. We look forward to the day when SUN METALON becomes a deep-tech unicorn from Japan, contributing to society at large.''