Israeli mental health AI innovator NeuroBrave joins Google AI Startups Program, secures investment from Google AI fund

Israeli mental health AI innovator NeuroBrave joins Google AI Startups Program, secures investment from Google AI fund

Published: 10-07-2024 10:42:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 872 | Tags:

NeuroBrave, a global player in cognitive and emotional technologies, providing mental health, wellness, and healthcare solutions to healthcare providers, enterprises and consumers, has been accepted into the Google AI Startups Program and investment from Google AI Fund. This program and investment foster the growth of promising Artificial Intelligence startups.

NeuroBrave empowers people all over the world to improve their mental health status by connecting the huge markets of wearable devices and digital mental health services, delivering, in scale, real-time recommendations, personalized therapies and insights. By working with mental health providers, insurers, telehealth, and wellness mobile apps, NeuroBrave empowers users to manage stress, control anxiety, avoid chronic conditions like PTSD and chronic stress, combat fatigue and burnout, and improve attention, engagement, and quality of life.

Dror Talisman, CEO, NeuroBrave: "NeuroBrave excels at understanding human behavior. We are very excited and grateful for the Google team choosing us among many others, and we will use this funding to secure our commercial goal and bring our solution to as many people as possible, helping them in these difficult times, improving their mental health and wellbeing."

NeuroBrave's proprietary and protected technology, based on one of the largest high-quality datasets for Human Experience that is fully owned by the company, utilizes advanced signal processing algorithms, deep learning models, and generative AI. NeuroBrave developed a commercial solution to translate physiology and neural raw data into cognitive, emotional, and behavioral valuable insights.

Lior Noy, Head of Startups and VCs, Google: "Thrilled to officially launch the Google AI Startups Fund and the Google AI Startups Lab! So inspired by the incredible startups and their progress. It's an honor to support the IL startup ecosystem."


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