[Interview] Gharjyot Singh, CEO, Cerebrum Infotech, India

[Interview] Gharjyot Singh, CEO, Cerebrum Infotech, India

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Gharjyot Singh is the CEO of Cerebrum Infotech, a software and web development company based in India. Startup Weekly engages Gharjyot in this interview to shed more light on the company.

Kindly introduce your company 

Cerebrum Infotech is a software and application development industry. We have been serving the industry for more than two decades; since the beginning of our organization, we have delivered expectational outcomes in terms of development processes. Down the road, we have added many advanced technologies to our services, from blockchain to NFTs.

Why did you start your company? What opportunities did you see?

Cerebrum Infotech was started to surpass the industry’s expectations to deliver new innovative solutions that could offer an element of surprise to people.  Since I Joined our prime purpose was to be available for our clients and one step ahead when providing application and software services. There were wide opportunities ranging from the Internet of Things to Metaverse. We embarked on the journey to explore what features or technology innovations we could offer. We did work on many new unique projects delivering expectational outcomes.

Who are the owners of the company?

Cerebrum Infotech is a sister company and comes under the umbrella of Seasia Group of Companies. After the discovery of Cerebrum InfoTech to meet the industry's actual expectations and deliver innovative outcomes, our company was announced as an independent.

What services does your company provide

Cerebrum provides services in cloud computing, DevOps, web app, iOS, Android, Java, and Dot Net development (and others). We are also expanding our reach in next-gen technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, IoT, RPA, and others. With this, we deliver futuristic application development solutions such as CereKart (online ordering system), CereDeliver (on-demand pickup and delivery), CereRides (ride and rental app solution), and others.

What industry does your company operate in?

Cerebrum caters to various industries such as transport, travel, development, grocery, ecommerce, fitness, medicine delivery and others.

What problem or problems does your company solve?

Our company works on innovative and strategic solutions that can improve the quality of living by delivering extraordinary application and software solutions. Thus, we have provided our users with the same quality since we started our company. We are proud to say that being available 24 hours for our clients and delivering fantastic outcomes has helped us become one of the most reputable and trusted software companies.

What can your company do that no other company can (what are the USPs of your company)?

Our company is one of the first companies to look beyond the existing notions of the application and software industries. We work on innovative strategies instead of following traditional methods of problem-solving. We, as a team, believe and have faith in the power of advanced technologies that are bound to serve the world while simultaneously elevating living standards and managing health and other physical aspects.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are businesses ranging from small to medium to huge enterprises who want to expand their organization either with the introduction of an application or are interested and charged for entire business digital transformation.

What does your company need in order to grow?

For years, we have been working independently; we have brilliant resources one step ahead of innovators. We take pride in the fact that we are independent of any step of our organization- we do not depend on external sources to complete or help us in our work processes. If I have to cover what we need in order to grow, and if I have to point out one thing, it would be for people to be more open to new technologies, show faith in innovations, and move along with the next-gen solutions.

What is your growth strategy?

Cerebrum's development team is at all times on the edge of innovating new solutions- thus progressing to extraordinary results. Our growth strategy has always been open-minded to our client's vision and only to implement our sources or strategies after exploring the client's viewpoint. We focus on what can be done quickly to deliver what is expected and in final and true shape.

What are the ambitions of your company? (geographically, in which countries/markets are you looking to establish your presence?)

Our company's ambitions are to grow at a much larger scale and expand our organization in other parts of the world, and we are moving towards our goal every year. Soon our company's branch will be introduced; we'll keep you updated.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

In the coming 12 months, we strive to experiment in the area of development and product enhancement. It will be amazing to see as to what extent there can be growth, and to what possibilities can be enrolled. Expect this Cerebrum’s developers are constantly working on the projects that are going on with utmost focus and attention.



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