Interactive Venture Partners launches its inaugural fund with initial capital commitment of €50m

Interactive Venture Partners launches its inaugural fund with initial capital commitment of €50m

Published: 11-04-2024 11:24:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1955 | Tags:

Interactive Venture Partners announced the formation and launch of its inaugural fund. With an initial capital commitment of €50 million, Interactive Venture Partners Fund LP is supported by the family office of Thomas Peterffy, Founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers Group.

Interactive Venture Partners provides capital to innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders of startups in Central Eastern Europe and supports these companies as they grow. Interactive Venture Partners invests in early-stage companies across industries, with a focus on cutting-edge technology products and services, and with teams based primarily in Central Eastern Europe.

''My experience is that success can only be achieved with strong ambition, deep passion, and practical, professional execution. Interactive Venture Partners aims to supercharge our entrepreneurs and their startups with capital, mentoring, and networking so that they can achieve success. In doing so, we benefit as investors, and in the process, help build a stronger startup ecosystem, '' said Thomas Perry.

With a US-based fund and fund management company, complemented by a Budapest-based team, Interactive Venture Partners offers a deep understanding of global markets and brings decades of experience across a broad range of industries. We have specific experience as Central Eastern European investors helping local entrepreneurs excel and gain access to larger markets, resources, and expertise. In addition to capital commitments, founders who work with Interactive Venture Partners can benefit from a culture of innovation driven by Thomas Peterffy’s vision and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Laszlo Czirjak, Managing Partner, Interactive Venture Partners: ''We offer entrepreneurs US family office style investing with founder-friendly terms, mentoring, a long-term view, quick decision making, deep financial capacity for follow-on funding (if appropriate), as well as an international network.''

Interactive Venture Partners will soon be announcing its first investments.