Heathtech startup Blueprint secures $3.4m to empower mental health clinicians provide data-driven patient care

Heathtech startup Blueprint secures $3.4m to empower mental health clinicians provide data-driven patient care

Published: 18-12-2020 12:59:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5849 | Tags:

Blueprint, the software company helping mental health clinicians deliver more effective, efficient, and personalized results through measurement-based care, announced a $3.4 million seed round led by Bonfire Ventures, with participation from Lightbank and other angel investors. Blueprint's technology serves as an extension of mental health clinicians and the resources they depend on to deliver quality data-driven care for patients. Since February 2020, Blueprint has increased revenue by more than 12 times and grew patient enrollment and usage by 800 percent.

Danny Freed, Founder and CEO, Blueprint: "The status quo is failing patients and costing lives while many mental health clinicians are still largely relying on paper and other outdated methods of care. Easy-to-use and approachable technology is the solution we need to match the scale of the mental health crisis to guarantee better outcomes for both patients and clinicians. We're dedicated to helping mental healthcare become more effective and efficient, and ensuring that everyone who needs treatment has access to the highest quality of care possible. Our new funding will help take our mission to the next level by expanding our team, accelerating our marketing and partnership efforts, and continuing to design innovative products that take mental health care into the digital age."  

Nearly 50 million Americans experience a mental health disorder annually, but less than 50% receive any type of treatment. These illnesses cost the United States more than $210 billion per year in direct healthcare costs and loss of productivity. Blueprint aims to alleviate the overburdened mental healthcare system by maximizing the effectiveness of therapy and medication management appointments and improving treatment outcomes for patients. Its easy-to-use software increases access to measurement-based care — widely regarded as the highest quality mental health treatment available, streamlining administrative tasks and creating a cost-effective, outcomes-based system to better serve both patients and clinicians.

Brett Queener, Partner, Bonfire Ventures: "We could not be more proud to partner with Danny and the team at Blueprint on their mission to help address a huge societal issue that affects so many. Blueprint has delivered results in just a few short years that would be impressive for a much larger company. We believe their beautifully designed platform for data-driven care will make a huge impact on the livelihoods of many Americans in need and clinicians doing the hard work to help."

Blueprint's software consists of three core components to serve both patients and clinicians before, during, and after appointments: personalized patient assessments, connected health data streams, and an innovative clinician reimbursement and revenue model. With objective data at their fingertips, mental health clinicians can more rapidly determine whether or not patients are making progress towards their treatment goals and adjust accordingly. This proactive approach helps drive down costs for the industry and provides a cost-effective, scalable way to meet demand. 

Whitney Brown, MS, LCMHCA, NCC, a clinician currently using Blueprint: "Mental health is one of the only areas of healthcare that is still largely based on subjective assessment. Measurement-based care is a way to ensure that our humanity as clinicians doesn't get in the way of providing the best possible care for our patients. Blueprint is an important tool to hold clinicians, including myself, more accountable. About one-third of our office previously used manual, paper-based measurements. Now, Blueprint gives us concrete data to more accurately diagnose clients, track overall client growth, and to empower clients to advocate for themselves based on objective assessments."

Blueprint currently partners with nearly 100 clinics nationwide that comprise thousands of clinicians and collectively serve close to 100,000 eligible patients. The new funds will drive team growth, support marketing and brand awareness efforts, and launch product developments to continue improving the way patients, clinicians, and the general public understand and engage in modern mental health treatment.