Health startup BuddyCheque inks deal with Select Ortho to enhance employee, customer safety

Health startup BuddyCheque inks deal with Select Ortho to enhance employee, customer safety

Published: 24-08-2020 15:30:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4627 | Tags:

Health startup BuddyCheque has joined forces with Select Ortho to ensure that their employees and customers remain safe during COVID-19. BuddyCheque has unveiled a mobile app that leverages portable COVID-19 health data to maintain business continuity and allow for safer access to public and private spaces.

Tyler Ritchie, Select Ortho's Business Operations Manager said:  "We're excited to have a tool like the ConfirmD app to help us navigate COVID-19 related challenges. It helps us to make strategic staffing and workplace decisions based on verified data, which helps us to keep our employees, patients, and clients safer."

Select Ortho is an industry leader in managed DME solutions for medical practices, operating simultaneously in a B2B and clinical environment. Select Ortho optimizes DMEPOS programs so practitioners can focus on what they do best patient care. Through using ConfirmD, Select Ortho bolsters health safety for associates, clients, and customers alike at their Tucson headquarters.

Brenda Murch, the HR Manager at Select Ortho praised ConfirmD, "Our staffing decisions related to COVID-19 are particularly complex because we have people operating in both office and clinical workplace environments. The ConfirmD app helps us to be more sophisticated with our planning and risk mitigation." As safety is paramount in healthcare environments, this app provides medical practices data to guide processes and business operations. 

Bob Ramsey, an innovator who pioneered the private/public partnership EMS model, is one of the leaders behind the new ConfirmD app. Along with Dr. Ramsey KilaniKarl Wagner, and Alex Chatel, the BuddyCheque team has highlighted the impact of inaccessible health information during COVID-19. In developing this app, they hope to alleviate the strain on individuals and organizations alike. 

Soon available for download on iOS and Android, the ConfirmD app provides individuals a chance to capture and share doctor-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. ConfirmD provides portable, HIPAA-compliant health data to help individuals safely resume daily activities and businesses provide secure service to their clients. The communication of results is opt-in, as privacy is a priority for BuddyCheque.

Users register for the app and validate their identity using best-in-class verification methodologies. Users upload their COVID-19 tests, regardless of type, to be verified by an authorized medical professional. Results are accessed through QR Codes, allowing users to share summary reports with employers, public venues and stores, and other third-parties. Information is securely stored using leading data protection solutions, exceeding all related compliance standards.

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on individuals and businesses alike, and the lack of shareable healthcare information has amplified the virus' negative effects. ConfirmD wields verified and actionable health data for decision makers, allowing enterprises and organizations to make informed decisions around safer workflows for employees and customers.


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